Customer Shoots Wendy's Manager Over Packets Of Chili Sauce

Did you know that Wendy’s had a policy limiting each customer to only 3 packets of “chili sauce.” We certainly didn’t. Sadly for one Wendy’s manager an argument over the policy escalated into a shooting. From WMUR:

Police said a man in the drive-through argued with an employee because he wanted more packets of the condiment. The worker told the customer that restaurant policy prohibited a customer from getting more than three packets.

The customer demanded 10 and got them. Police say the man then asked for even more and the manager came out to talk to him.

Miami-Dade police spokeswoman Mary Walter said that’s when the manager was shot several times in the arm, but didn’t suffer serious injury.

The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police are still searching for the chili sauce shooter, who drove off with a woman in his car.

Not that it’s cool to be shooting people, but maybe they should rethink that sauce packet policy… at least in Miami. —MEGHANN MARCO

Man Shoots Wendy’s Manager Over Chili Sauce [WMUR] (Thanks, Lee!)
(Photo: sarae)


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  1. timmus says:

    Police are still searching for the chili sauce shooter, who drove off with a woman in his car.

    What? Most fast food places I’ve seen have a surveillance camera in the drive-thru near the window. Are these just for show?

  2. iMike says:

    Do you know what is meant by the words, uhh…? I hate to use them.
    They’re … they’re so harsh, so american. You know what I mean?
    And yet on the other hand, they’re exciting words. The words, Chili sauce

    [/Morris Day]

  3. acambras says:

    Every time I go through the Wendy’s drive-thru, I ask for “a lot” of ketchup. They give me 8-10 packets without any hassle.

  4. foghat81 says:

    As much as I love Wendy’s chili sauce on pretty much everything, I have to say this is a *tad* excessive.

  5. kerry says:

    What on earth did he need all those packets for? Can you make methamphetamines out of them or something?

  6. B says:

    Wait, he demanded 10 packets and got 10, despite the fact that he’s supposedly limited to 3 and still demanded more? And then shot the manager. This guy is a piece of work.

  7. catnapped says:

    @B: I don’t have any sort of medical degree (nor claim to), but it’s pretty apparent that the “customer” had other underlying issues aside from a want for extra chili sauce.

  8. bluemeep says:

    Y’know, I didn’t even have to check

  9. bluemeep says:

    …that this was…a…Florida…

    Boy, comments posting themselves before you’re done typing really mess with your mental flow.

  10. davere says:

    And here I was thinking that 1 package makes a small cup chili hot enough.

  11. Steve518 says:

    You could say that guy was…condimented…


  12. DCvision says:

    things are a bit different here in Miami, ask for something, get it, then shoot the supplier for not moving fast enough!

  13. raybury says:

    Just upcharge for additional packets. Overseas some places charge for any condiments, and my local McDonald’s has a sign saying they charge for extra. (Can I get a stipend for all the times they didn’t give me ketchup or dipping sauce?)

  14. Falconfire says:

    Oh its a Florida story…. totally understand it now.

  15. Erskine says:

    Soon, the Fark tags will come…

  16. Buran says:

    What’s with all the Florida hate? I plan to move there, due to my bf and a number of our friends being down there and they are all smart. The DRIVERS are idiots, but what’s with the state hate?

    They also do things like allow you to freeze your credit report, which Missouri doesn’t allow at ALL and they also have programs allowing you to use solar power and sell back to the grid which MO doesn’t do at ALL and so on.

    I’d say it’s MO that has its head up its ass, not FL.

  17. FLConsumer says:

    Awesome…Consumerism in action. Don’t take “NO” for an answer!

  18. Trai_Dep says:

    Good thing they put enough guacamole on the damned burger or: rocket propelled grenade!

  19. Trai_Dep says:

    Buran – two words: Katherine Harris.

  20. Jon Parker says:

    @Steve518: Ok, now that was worth shooting someone over.

  21. TheName says:

    Since it’s in Florida, all the driver has to do to get off without any charge is make the case that he thought the manager was threatening him (look up Florida’s abhorrent “shoot first” law).

    I know that when I–being a sensible Amurican–find it deeply threatening when I’m refused anything I want to consume.

  22. BeastMasterJ says:

    @davere said: And here I was thinking that 1 package makes a small cup chili hot enough.

    Nah, If you want to make the chili good, you need at least 2, maybe 3 packets of the fiery stuff. Anymore than that, and you’re taking you’re own life in your hands.

    As for why anyone needs 10 packets… I dunno. Maybe kerry is on to something with the meth-making theory.

  23. MisterE says:

    This is the

  24. MisterE says:

    This is the exact reason why I DO NOT frequent fast food restaurants. I hate the lousy service, crappy food, and moronic policies. It could have easily been me pulling that trigger.

  25. Erskine says:


    We, who DO occasionally utilize fast food establishments, thank you for your non-patronage and lack of gunplay…

  26. tcabeen says:

    And let the terrorists win? Hardly!

    It’s Miami. People are @#$%in crazy down here.

  27. Dustbunny says:


    It must the heat and humidity driving ’em crazy. Can’t wait until global warming sets in with a vengeance and everybody starts shooting everybody else!

  28. bombaxstar says:

    I feel a little bad saying this, but, I, you know, laughed when I read the title.

  29. Dr. Eirik says:

    Just reminded me a trip to my local Wendy’s a few months back. A homeless man was standing at the ketchup dispenser and drinking from it. Refilling his little cup, then drinking again.

    We asked for packets that day.

    I will say, though, that they were going to ask the man to leave, but he took off.

  30. strathmeyer says:

    Now that we’ve had the Hostess Twinkie defense, we’ll have the Wendy’s chili sauce defense.

  31. jeffj-nj says:

    MisterE, if you could provide a list of other services where you will not be, that’d be great. Then, I can go there, unafraid of your itchy trigger finger.

  32. GreatCaesarsGhost says:

    10 packet guy was stocking up to use on other items he did not buy at Wendy’s. This practice is so common these days that restaurants had to make up these inane policies or they could go broke.

    Condiments are not “free.” They are included with your purchase. You ask for 10 packets of ketchup with your 99 cent fries and you are seriously cutting into a narrow profit margin.

  33. formergr says:

    @trai_dep: And to add to what’s wrong with Florida for Buran, I will add to the list Jeb Bush, and the Terry Schiavo debacle.

  34. Falconfire says:

    @Buran: Its actually a oddity, that most of the US’s crazies live in both California, and Florida.

    If you read Fark, they even have a Florida label due to the overwhelming number of weird or just plain stupid ass stories that come out of that state.

    Knowing the people who live there (like my boss) it explains a LOT about that states population.

  35. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    The profits on fries are enormous!
    Ray Kroc always said that the fries paid for everything.

    Here in Chicago, a number of McDonald’s have the same policy limiting the number of sauce packets with chicken nuggets to 3, with additional ones 15¢.
    But they will give you an unlimited number of ketchup packets.
    Makes no sense, but when did McD ever make sense!

  36. Yourhero88 says:


    A winnar is you.

    Seriously though, this guy just sounds like some drunk prick on a power trip.

  37. backspinner says:

    Could somebody please enlighten me on the nature of this chili sauce? It must be pretty damn tasty/addictive if this guy was willing to shoot someone for it.

    Is it sauce that you put on chili? Is it like the spicy Chinese restaurant chili sauce? I’m intrigued.