Clearance Items

New Postage Rates Go Into Effect Today [USPS]

Will sellers or buyers blink first? [Bankrate]
Elsewhere in our fair county, condo buyers are filing lawsuits to get out of their purchase contracts. Why? Because these buyers plunked down money before their units were built. They expected to flip the condo units for profit.

Is There A Relationship Between Predatory Mortgage Lending And Political Contributions? [CL&P]
While investing nearly $210 million on Washington lobbying and campaign contributions, the mortgage lending industry for seven years successfully blocked Congress from taking action to restrict lending abuses that saddled economically vulnerable families with home mortgages they could not afford.

Digging the baby carrot [USAToday via Wise Bread]
Baby carrots aren’t babies at all. They’re grown-up carrots cut into 2-inch sections, pumped through water-filled pipes into whirling cement-mixer-size peelers and whittled down to the niblets Americans know, love and scarf down by the bagful.

(Photo: Earth2Kim)

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