FreshDirect Packaging Is Extremely Wasteful

FreshDirect is a grocery delivery service that is very handy if you, like many urbanites, do not have a car. Sadly, we have to limit our Fresh Direct usage to the 2 weeks before we move, because they pack everything in huge, mostly empty cardboard boxes. It’s insane.

Really, you have no idea how irritating it is to get one package of crackers in a huge box. It fills us with rage, and we know it doesn’t have to be this way because Peapod (which we used in Chicago, and enjoyed) has no problem using plastic bags like any sane person. (Also, back in Chicago, Peapod was cheaper than our local grocery store, which was obviously run by people from some time in the distant future where milk costs $25.00 plus tax. We called that grocery store, “The Thirty,” because no matter what you bought there, if it included more than one item, your bill was $30. ) But we digress.

It turns our we’re not alone in this feeling about Fresh Direct, as one of our readers (Janine) has sent in a link to her blog. On said blog she has photos of this strange wasteful behavior, complete with complaint letter to Fresh Direct.

Janine got a box with one package of butter in it. This is not the exception to the rule, people. This is how they package things. It’s nuts.

Janine writes to Fresh Direct:

“I just received my order and was really disturbed by the fact that one large box contained only one 1/2 gallon of milk, and another small box only contained a bag of rice. This is really wasteful packaging and hardly see a need for it. I know I’m not obligated to tip, but i do. so as a way of saying “thank you” to your workers for politely carrying my boxes up three flights of stairs…but now it really just seems ridiculous to have two guys carry four boxes up three flights of stairs when two of the boxes are practically empty. i’d really appreciate some better planning on the packing end of your process.thanks for your consideration,”

And Fresh Direct writes back:

“Thank you for contacting FreshDirect. I appreciate your feedback regarding our packaging. I’m sorry about the inefficient packaging of your order. This issue occurs from time to time because items repackaged according to the department they originate from. Due to the volume and variety of the products and orders we handle each day, it is difficult to set up a system that eliminates all waste and allows for the most efficient and economical packaging possible without some experimentation to reach that state. Going forward, we will continue to try to minimize packaging and find more efficient ways to package orders that are also economical for our customers.If you have any other questions or concerns, kindly respond to this e-mail. To reach us via phone, please review the ‘Get Help’ section of our website. Sincerely,”

How about this, Fresh Direct… Call Peapod and ask them how they do it. Because it can’t be as hard as all that.—MEGHANN MARCO

Seriously, Fresh Direct…WTF [Wastes of Space]
(Photo: Janine)

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