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New Postage Rates Go Into Effect Today [USPS]

Will sellers or buyers blink first? [Bankrate]
Elsewhere in our fair county, condo buyers are filing lawsuits to get out of their purchase contracts. Why? Because these buyers plunked down money before their units were built. They expected to flip the condo units for profit.

Is There A Relationship Between Predatory Mortgage Lending And Political Contributions? [CL&P]
While investing nearly $210 million on Washington lobbying and campaign contributions, the mortgage lending industry for seven years successfully blocked Congress from taking action to restrict lending abuses that saddled economically vulnerable families with home mortgages they could not afford.

Digging the baby carrot [USAToday via Wise Bread]
Baby carrots aren’t babies at all. They’re grown-up carrots cut into 2-inch sections, pumped through water-filled pipes into whirling cement-mixer-size peelers and whittled down to the niblets Americans know, love and scarf down by the bagful.

(Photo: Earth2Kim)


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  1. tinychicken says:

    That is the biggest, fattest, most fantastically wonderful kitty ever!

  2. Meg Marco says:


  3. oldhat says:

    That is kitty abuse. People talk like their pets as children, and if that was a child they should go to jail.

    Of course, the cat clearly spends too much time downloading music illegally to chase mice. Send in the lawyers, they’ll sue him skinny.

  4. tinychicken says:

    @@oldhat: I think he needs to eat some of the not-baby-baby-carrots.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fat cat is in shape.

    Round and ovoid are shapes!

  6. faust1200 says:

    Dear God I hope that cat isn’t wearing a pace-maker!!

  7. Coder4Life says:

    I like fat cats, just b/ cats hate me and I bet this one cant run away fast enough.. So I can actually pick it up or something…

    But anyways, is this your cat BEN or Meghann.. b/ one of you are huge cat fans. and you guys photo abuse it too much. ahha

  8. Dustbunny says:

    Re the new postage rates, there’s a cool new triangular-shaped 41 cent stamp commemorating the settlement of Jamestown. I’m not a stamp geek (not that there’s anything wrong with stamp geeks), but triangular shape stamps are just cool IMO.

  9. Falconfire says:

    yep that there is one big pussy.


  10. AcidReign says:

    …..All three of our cats were starving rescue cats. They all came in with serious food issues, and ballooned up immediately. After a year or so, they get used to the idea that the food’s not going away, and they trim back down. We keep bowls of dry Eukanuba lamb and rice out all the time, and they eat responsibly now. On the other hand, some food issues are still there. Go to bed with the bottom of the food bowl visible, and you WILL NOT be allowed to sleep late the next day. The cats will bother the crap out of you till you get up and refill the food bowls!

    …..Yeah, today was a strange Monday out. At the one o’clock showing of Spiderman 3, at the nicest DLP theater in town, we had the place to ourselves. (How can George Lucas say there is no plot?!?) Amazing effects! (I’m going to be dreaming about inky black crud creeping around under my bed, though.) And with a sunny day in the high eighties, the tennis courts were empty, too. The post office, though was another story. Mob scene! And several customers needed to be posted on the web alongside the crazy New York postal nutbag on this blog a few weeks ago…

    …..Carrots are gross. I will never eat those while nacho cheese Doritos exist!

  11. superlayne says:

    Wow. My kitty isn’t nearly that fat. If I ever have a consumer issue, instead of sending a relevant picture, I’ll just video my cats.

  12. Kierst_thara says:

    That article about the origin of the baby carrots was pretty interesting, but I have to say that I always figured the ‘baby’ carrots were just processed regular carrots, rather than some kind of dwarf breed or juvenile harvest. Is the idea that they’re ‘babies’ actually a common misconception?

  13. royal72 says:

    good fucking lord, are you feeding that thing super sized double quarter pounder meals?

  14. gamble says:

    that cat reminds me of Violet from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

  15. pdxguy says:

    can’t resist: I gotz ur ipodz, listen to ur tunez.

  16. szamot says:

    I hope it was not the burgers but some compressed air, an air hose and some pressure going up the poop shoot. A few more PSI and perhaps we would have something to look at that’s interesting.

  17. Triteon says:

    Of the fat cats, Steve Jobs is of the least offensive (yet the best parody– FREE USE, RIAA/MPAA GUYS– on MadTV!)

  18. Buran says:

    Uh, so can we have some discussion on the articles, not the lame unrelated stock photo?

  19. AcidReign says:

    …..Ummm, actually, I did post on carrots and the post-awful increase. Cats are cool. They’re going to get comments!

    …..This site’s an amazing consumer resource, if used properly! Witness the email-carpet-bomb posts. Save that stuff to a text file. You might need it someday…

  20. LAGirl says:

    im on ur carpetz, waitin’ to attack ur feetz!

  21. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:
  22. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    Baby carrots are just a commercialized version of a fancy French-chef technique described by Julia Child in her cookbook The Way to Cook. Basically the technique involves cutting carrots into fat sticks then rounding off the edges and corners with a knife.

  23. ElizabethD says:

    Pet lovers alert!!! Do not feed raw baby carrots to your dog. They are a very real choking hazard, especially if the dog catches the carrot in mid-air.

    This happened to a friend’s border collie and it was touch and go as to whether they could dislodge the carrot and restore breathing. The vet later told them: Big no-no. Cook the carrots first if you must feed them to your dog.

  24. kerry says:

    @ElizabethD: I have never had a dog who would eat a carrot. We’ve had some dogs who would eat almost anything, but not carrots. Poor Rolfe would roll them around in his mouth for a second before spitting them out. The cats, however, will eat carrots. They will eat anything. I caught one of them eating mayonnaise once.

  25. mac-phisto says:

    Is There A Relationship Between Predatory Mortgage Lending And Political Contributions?

    i can’t believe this still surprises ppl. c’mon folks. this is like american politics 101.

    & incidentally, that cat may need to get wormed.

  26. Trai_Dep says:

    Cats are clever. This one ate so much that it created its own gravity well, causing stray mice (and chocolate bonbons) to fall into its sharp-clawed clutches.

  27. Outtacontext says:

    You guys have the best photo illustrations. But that poor cat. He’s on his way to diabetes. I had a cat with that disease once and it isn’t pretty.

    Is that a real cat or one of those Photoshop mashups?