Tan Hill Inn 1, KFC 0: KFC Drops Legal Action Against Tiny British Pub

Only a few days after confirming that legal action would proceed against the tiny Tan Hiill Inn for the use of the trademarked term “Family Feast” on their once-a-year Christmas menu, KFC has changed its tiny chicken-sized mind.

From the Daily Mail:

Now a spokeswoman for KFC GB Ltd has said no further action would be taken against the pub.

She added: “KFC has to protect its trademarks against those who seek to trade off its brand.

“KFC has spoken to Ms Daly at the Tan Hill Inn and confirmed that it will not take this case any further.

“This means that Ms Daly can continue to use the phrase ‘Family Feast’ on the pub’s Christmas menu. It’s an unusual situation that has been blown out of all proportion.”

Ms Daly said: “They have very kindly said we can continue using the name. Common sense has prevailed. I’m very relieved and ecstatic.

“I’m not going to need my boxing gloves anymore. I’ve invited KFC to come here and have a meal and shake hands.”

See, that’s how things work. When KFC sends you a threatening legal letter, you should “take it very seriously.” When it results in bad publicity, then it’s “been blown out of all proportion.” See the difference? —MEGHANN MARCO

KFC backs down in legal challenge against country pub [Daily Mail]
(Photo: Daily Mail)

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