$20 For 30 Seconds Of You Riding A Roller Coaster?

Here’s a strange complaint. We don’t usually get too many people griping about getting ripped off in an amusement park, because, well… everyone knows amusement parks are a ripoff. This is not a secret. It takes a pretty egregious fleecing by a theme park before the roller coaster nuts start complaining about it.

Robert writes in asking if he has a valid complaint. He purchased what was supposed to be a DVD of his ride on a roller coaster at Cedar Point. What he got was, well, we’ll let Robert tell it.

Dearest Consumerist,

Do I have a valid complaint here?

It was opening day, a day when us roller coaster junkies get our fix after a long hard winter. New this year at Cedar Point was the option to buy a DVD recording of your ride on some of their coasters. I chose my girls favorite ride to spend $20 to get the DVD of our ride together on Raptor. The parks description of the DVD is as follows:

/ CDRide.info:/ The CDride system captures dynamic videos of every rider in every car from the moment the train leaves the station through all the thrilling experience to the end of the ride. Once the guests exit the ride they can buy their personal DVD at the Point of Sale. The riders get not just a point of view video, but a full-featured movie with edited clips of the ride atmosphere.

Instead it was roughly 20-25 seconds of our ride interrupted by stock footage of roller coasters that were not our ride and *not even rides in the same park*.

Robert linked us to a roller coaster enthusiast site where other people were expressing their dismay at the 20ish seconds of footage they got for their 20 bucks. One customer even ordered a second copy for an additional $10… but only got a blank disc. Lame. Roller coaster nuts, beware. —MEGHANN MARCO

Do Not Buy The On-Ride DVD [Point Buzz]
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