SNL: Training The Crack TSA Team In The Fight Against Liquids

A decently humorous (a smile creaked on our craggy face) SNL skit underlining the absurdity of the TSA’s anti-liquid rules.

Considering the cost of implementing the asinine program, and the unlikeliness of it being used in an attack, isn’t there anyway to roll it back? One guy sticks firecrackers in his shoes, now we all over to remove our sneakers. One rumor says you might be able to concoct a chemistry set in the bathroom and blow up the plane, so now there’s no liquids. The security risk isn’t any particular iteration, it’s ingenuity. Is there some way to apply “heuristic learning principles,” as seen in more advanced virus software, to airport security? — BEN POPKEN

(Thanks to Jay!)

Brandon writes:

    “Heuristic learning abilities presume intelligence. So the only way to apply heuristic learning abilities to airport security is to hire intelligent screeners. And having worked at the Department of Homeland Security, I assure you that these people lack basic common sense.”

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