US Airways Has "Tardiness Issues", As Our 3rd Grade Teacher Would Say

Hey US Airways? Is everything alright at home? Getting enough sleep? How’s Doug? Has he quit drinking? Your flights were on time only 56% of the time in March, and it’s becoming an issue with your schoolwork.

US Airways came in dead last among major airlines for on time performance. A bunch of excuses were made available to the media, including computer failure and bad weather. Boohoo. This is going on your permanent record, young airline.—MEGHANN MARCO

US Airways had a pretty tardy March [USA Today]


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  1. gwong says:

    Somewhere, Dave Neeleman (JetBlue CEO) is breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn’t his company that garnered this dubious distinction.

  2. Yossarian says:

    I’ve had multiple experiences with delays on US Airways. Most recently, the geniuses made me late to a damn job interview.

    And I’m pretty sure they do it on purpose. They only provide some form of compensation (travel vouchers, etc) if they hold you up for 4+ hours. So of course we finally took off 3.5 hours after the scheduled time.

    Perhaps this is why their tickets are so cheap.

  3. BillyShears says:

    I have a [crap] list of airlines, and then I have a special one reserved just for US Airways. American once put me on one of their flights in a very sincere effort to get me home when they realized my AA itinerary was screwed because of delays.

    US Airways bumped me from that flight. And then the proceeding one; and then the one after that. The one after? That too.

    I spent the night in the airport, and when the AA ticket agents came back I begged – literally – for help. They put me on the first flight out of the day: United to Chicago. It was the first time in my life I was happy to be on a plane. (I hate flying.)

    A sidenote: American’s on my OTHER list. The good list. Its neighbors are JetBlue and Continental.

  4. mikyrok says:

    @gwong: Yes, Dave would have been mortified had his company garnered that distinction.

  5. JanetCarol says:

    My co-worker just returned from FL with her family. She told me that the first US Airways flight they were on had a flat tire, so they were transfered to a second flight. The second flight’s engine caught on fire during take off. The passengers were not notified of this problem. She found out by asking a US Airways employee walking through the airport. Needless to say, the rented a car and drove home. Fully refunded of course.

  6. J.T Dabbagian says:

    Uggh…and I might be moving to Phoenix later on (US Airways hub)

    Oh well. I know Southwest flies out of phoenix too….

  7. V-effekt says:

    All airlines have problems, lose bags, bump you, etc. US airways just does it particulalry well.

  8. ELC says:

    I am sick of US Air!!!! I am flying a “commuter” flight between DC and Huntsville, AL weekly. I have YET to leave on time, and most of the flights out of that gate (22A I think in DC) are late or cancelled everytime I go. No, not exaggerating – EVERY time. They have a fligt out of that gate every few minutes, sometimes on top of each other. then they complain at the passenger who go below to exit on the dumb shuttles that they are cloggin up the place. They have major issues!

    My wife just used a free voucher we had from my cancelled flight. She was 3 hours late – arriving after midnight where her friends had to pick her up and get home at 3am!!! :( They sat on the plane, at the gate, for almost 45 mins – with no explanation. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    Delta now has a flight, but far fewer and the times suck. If they get a few better times, I am on Delta all the time. The only reason I fly US Air is b/c of the times (what a joke) and they are the Federal contract carrier out of there. The Feds need to pick Delta and say screw US Air because they are paying tons of overtime, or credit time to everyone who gets delayed or cancelled with them.