FDA/USDA Says Melamine-Fed Pigs And Chickens OK To Eat

The FDA and USDA today jointly announced that swine and poultry fatted on feed containing wheat gluten laced with melamine pose a “very low risk” if you eat them.

In the most extreme risk assessment scenario, when scientists assumed that all the solid food a person consumes in an entire day was contaminated with melamine at the levels observed in animals fed contaminated feed, the potential exposure was about 2,500 times lower than the dose considered safe. In other words, it was well below any level of public health concern.

Serve us up a bowl of chicken n’ pork melamini-o’s!

The federal agencies pledged to keep a lookout for imported melamine tainted food. Great, now how about keeping on eye on the rest of the food containing Chinese manufactured ingredients? — BEN POPKEN

FDA/USDA Joint News Release: Scientists Conclude Very Low Risk to Humans from Food Containing Melamine [FDA.gov]

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