Harder To Sell Used CDs Than It Is To Get A Driver's License?

According to Ars Technica, in a few states its going to be harder to sell used CDs than it will be to get a Driver’s License. What?

…you’ll certainly feel like a criminal once the local record shop makes copies of all of your identifying information and even collects your fingerprints. Such is the state of affairs in Florida, which now has the dubious distinction of being so anal about the sale of used music CDs that record shops there are starting to get out of the business of dealing with used content because they don’t want to pay a $10,000 bond for the “right” to treat their customers like criminals. …

In Florida, Utah, and soon in Rhode Island and Wisconsin, selling your used CDs to the local record joint will be more scrutinized than then getting a driver’s license in those states.

Yeah, that makes sense. —MEGHANN MARCO

Record shops: Used CDs? Ihre papieren, bitte! [Ars Technica] (Thanks, Jason!)

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