Best Buy's XBOX 360 Replacement Plan Is A Huge Hassle

Here at the Consumerist we tell you not to spend your hard-earned money on things like “Extended Warranties” or “Replacement Plans.” Why? Because you can get a credit card with extended warranty protection and double your warranty for free. Still, many people buy into the replacement/warranty plans and then are disappointed when using them is a hassle. Like Reader Matt, for example. Matt found out the hard way that Best Buy will go out of their way to sell you the plan, but are uninterested in helping you take advantage of it.

Did anything awful happen to Matt? No. Did Best Buy attack him with a broom or threaten to steal his pets? No. This is all business as usual, but that doesn’t make it right.

Matt calls to ask a question, gets the wrong answer, drives to the store, is corrected by a manager, asks another question, gets the wrong answer, drives home, calls the warranty people, gets hung up on, drives back to the store, drives home, calls the warranty people again and is then told that he needs to buy his own packing supplies to ship his XBOX 360. Awesome. Read Matt’s email inside.

Matt writes:

Last year I purchased an Xbox 360 and paid for the additional 2yr replacement plan. Recently the system has began to act up as so many of them have been doing. I called the store I purchased it from to ensure that the plan was still good (I was unsure of the exact purchase date) and see what steps to take. I talked to the customer service Representative and she looked up the purchase and said everything was OK and to simply bring it to the customer service desk and they would be “happy to exchange it” for me.

I drive the 45 miles to the store only to have the person at the desk hand me a brochure with a phone number on it that I had to call in order to return my system. I had the manager called over and told him who I had spoken to and what I was told. His response was that it wasn’t his problem what I was told by his employees and there was nothing he could do for me. He said to just call the number because they had recently changed the way they handled the replacement (IS IT EVEN LEGAL TO CHANGE AN AGREEMENT WITHOUT INFORMING THE CONSUMER???)

This manager claimed they would send me a box to return the system in, as well as a voucher for the purchase price with en 3 to 5 business days. I asked what I needed to tell the people on the phone because i didn’t have the original receipt. He said they used the same system as the stores and if I gave them my phone number that was all I needed and it would just take a few minutes to process.

I called the number upon arriving home. One of the first questions I was asked was for the SKU number on the receipt. When I told the Representative I didn’t have the receipt and explained what the store manager said, his response was “You were misinformed, there’s nothing I can do for you without your receipt.” HE THEN HUNG UP!!!

By this time the store was closed (Sunday evening) so I had to wait until Monday to go back to the store and have someone pull my receipt. I again return home to call the number. I am then told that I have to purchase a box to ship it in as well as packing supplies AND I must buy delivery confirmation and once it reaches them and gets processed it will take another 10 to 15 days for them to send out a voucher IF I QUALIFY!!!

I’ve been loyal to Best Buy for years mainly because of the replacement plan. I’ve had to replace a PS2 and another Xbox 360 after I first purchased it. I have a $10,000 limit on my Best Buy card but after this situation is resolved won’t spend another dime in the store. I purchased a 2 year REPLACEMENT plan. It’s barely been a year and I get the run around from the managers, lied to by the employees, and hung up on by their customer service reps when trying to use the plan.

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  1. Frostberg says:

    I have had no problem exchanging any product I have purchased a 2 year replacement plan for. I simply bring it into Best Buy with my 2 year replacement brochure and they give me a gift card to go buy anything else I want. The process has been easy and well worth the warranty. My 360 stopped turning on a year after I got it. I brought it into best Buy and got a new one the same day. I did purchase a new 2 year warranty though to protect it for another 2 years.

  2. Echodork says:

    No! You don’t say!

  3. This probably goes without saying, but that’s bullshit what the manager told you. What they should’ve done is go get a new 360, open it up, and give you the console to switch out. You shouldn’t have to call anyone, and the only process they would go through would be for you to take the 360 to the Tech Bench so they can verify that it doesn’t work.

    Once I stopped working at Best Buy, I stopped buying stuff there. Its not worth it. Part of the reason I quit was the immense pressure on us “front line” employees (I was a computers sales associate) to push the PSPs and accessories (P&A) as we affectionately called it.

    If it makes you feel any better, Very therapeutic.

  4. d0x says:

    You should have spent $50 and gotten a 2 year replacement plan from Microsoft themselves…free shipping both ways, 5 day turn around time…no hassle.

    Only buy an ESA if you can exchange the item in store for a new one. NEVER buy one if it involves having to ship your item anywhere unless you got it from the company that made the product in the first place.

  5. bedofnails says:

    That photo is eerily similar to any zombie movie.

  6. Youthier says:

    This website makes me thankful for my Best Buy. It is apparently a rare gem. My family has only has one incident there that was resolved by the manager in a way so above and beyond, if I told you, you would think I worked for them.

    But I’m pretty sure I won’t go to Best Buy if I ever move.

  7. lincolnparadox says:

    The more I hear about Best Buy, the less I want to do business with them. I remember when the parts and replacement plan at BB was a sweet deal. Now, you’re better off driving across the street to BigK and buying electronics over there.

  8. Scazza says:

    Honestly, the BEST warranty in the business is the one provided by the company. MS, Sony and Nintendo all allow the purchase of extended warranties. They will usually repair the console with no questions asked. Only downside is the turnaround time is obviously much longer….

  9. B says:

    Just fill the hard drive with porn, and Best Buy will be more than happy to exchange it for you.

  10. ARPRINCE says:

    “I’ve been loyal to Best Buy for years mainly because of the replacement plan.I’ve had to replace a PS2 and another Xbox 360 after I first purchased it.”

    That’s a quote from his story. I was just wondering if he had a PS2 and a 360 replaced already before, he should have had an idea what is needed for the replacement or did I miss something here?

    Damn those Xbox ELITEs. All of a sudden, there a surge of broken premiums all over. ;)

  11. amazon says:

    @bedofnails: I knew I couldn’t be the first one to think that.

  12. tracilyns says:

    looks like half of that could have been avoided if he would have kept his receipt…

  13. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:


    I am VERY happy with how MS has handled my nearly half dozen times I had to replace my 360. No hassle what so ever (except, of course, for them arriving broken). The last time I complained a little, I just mentioned that I’m annoyed by all this and would like some compensation. They sent me Kameo and a 1 month Xbox Live Gold card. Granted, it wasn’t some sort of windfall of free stuff…but try and get Best Buy to give you anything free for your troubles.

  14. lestat730 says:

    Ah those wonderful extended warranty replacement plans. I worked in retail for about 6 years and a good portion of that was at Staples. As an employee responsible for selling customers on various electronics they ALWAYS wanted us to push these plans (even on $10 calculators!) They even went as far as having employees tell customers that they were easy to use and could be dealt with entirely in our store. I always felt bad about this and unless a manager was watching I never even mentioned the plans and only sold them when the customer brought it up on their own. Why? because they are pure evil for consumers. The stores of course love them because 99% of the time they are pure profit and never get used. When a customer does purchase one they always get the run around when trying to actually use it later, even if it was a expensive 3 year extended plan on a very overpriced computer/laptop. I can’t begin to tell you how many pissed off customers we dealt with on this issue, so many in fact it comes very close to beating out unpaid rebate issues. It’s sad but it seems like once these stores get all your money they refuse to give any of it back up even if it means keeping a customer for life. Rebates, extended plans, exchanges, and returns are often just words used to make consumers feel better about making a large purchase. When it comes time to use them be prepared to lose your temper and fight like hell to get what was promised. I can tell you from experience that the customers that got pissed off enough to the point where they were red in the face and yelling where the ones that got what they wanted. Sad but true, the managers hate dealing with people who do this and do not want all the other customers in the store to see and hear this. The result was almost always in the customers favor even if it meant the store lost money or did something they shouldn’t have had to agree to.

  15. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    @lestat730: Everything you say is true, but in the case of the Xbox 360, you’re pretty much guaranteed of having your system break within a couple of years. So in this case, a replacement plan may not be *completely* pure evil.

  16. philbert says:

    I’d cancel their credit card and when they ask why relate the story. Personally I’d eat shit and die before I bought anything from Best Buy after my experience at the check out counter. They tried to sell me a warranty on a 29.95 coffee bean grinder. I told them not interested as soon as the pitch started. The clerk said he had to give me the whole spiel before he could ring the item up so I just stood there and said “no no no no no” until his spiel had ended. That is the Pleasanton Ca Best Buy, by the way.

  17. captainbozo says:

    Am I the only person wondering why he didn’t call the number from the store?

  18. wiz561 says:

    Many years ago, I purchased a Sony 10 Disc car changer from Best Buy. I was tricked/duped/pressured into buying the extended service plan. About a year after I had the player, it stopped working.

    I brought it back to the store where I bought it from, and they said they would have to have a ‘technician’ look at it. But the tech doesn’t get there for a few days. The other option is to ship it to the return center, which would take a few days too.

    So, I drove way out of my way to the return/service center to have the tech look at it. Heck, this even took a few days for them to look at it! After about a month of being without the 10 disc changer, they finally offered me an exchange.

    Never again would I buy an extended service plan…and I try to never shop at Best Buy because of all my bad experiences like that there.

    With my experience, they will try to sell you the service plan, but they will make it next to IMPOSSIBLE to actually offer service on something or give you an even exchange. This not only goes for best buy but for numerous other stores.

  19. TurgidDahlia says:

    “didn’t have the original receipt”

    you Americans aren’t quite sure yet what receipts are designed for, do you?

  20. j-o-h-n says:

    The correct response to that kind of nonsense is to say “In that case, I’m not interested in shopping here” and just walk out of the store.

  21. mac-phisto says:

    the biggest problem with service plans is the failure of store officials to accurately inform the customer of the CORRECT t&c. as a fmr employee of a certain electronics chain that has answers to your questions, i can tell you that there are middle managers that make it a point to ensure that the true terms are not spelled out to a consumer. sometimes an sp is a good investment. most of the time it’s garbage.

    good luck, matt. if you can find your original brochure, that should help. legally i don’t believe they can change the t&c of the service plan w/o giving you the opportunity to opt-out of the change. if you can prove that there’s been a change since you bought your sp, that might help. i believe they must honor your previous agreement (which very well may be an in-store replacement).

  22. Papercutninja says:


    Ok. That was hilarious. That actually brightened up my day.

    As i get older (closing in on 30), i realize how important stuff like receipts are.

  23. xamarshahx says:

    I used to work at BB, its all about who helps you whether or not you get good service. Their is no consistency, especially on the warranties, normal wear and tear might be abuse to another person. They should generally just replace it, but some people take their job to seriously in being inspectors.

  24. Type-E says:

    I think he is dumb being a loyal bestbuy buyer. I don’t see what’s good from bestbuy.

  25. marxanth says:

    I work for bestbuy part time and thats not how my store handles extended warranties on 360s. You bring it in, we test it right there. If we can recreate the problem, we swap out your unit. Done.
    And speaking of receipts.. Why Why Why do people not keep their receipts when you buy an extended service plan. Yes, we have your info in the system but wouldn’t you want proof for yourself??

  26. NoThru22 says:

    Does anyone every read the replacement plan when they buy them? No terms and conditions changed. It’s always been that way (call to get items replaced), at least since 1998. Whenever anyone has used a replacement plan in the store, the people there were breaking the rules. Anyone who ever bought a replacement plan and was told you can exchange it in the store, they were breaking the rules. Just because they didn’t want to break the rules anymore, that’s no reason to cry.

    However, I would have never let it fly that you were told one thing over the phone and another thing in the store. You make that manager hold the associate accountable. There’s nothing you can’t get by being polite but totally firm.

  27. orielbean says:

    Furthermore to NoThru’s point; I would have used their phone to call the customer service back, with your associate/manager there as well. When you get pushback from both groups, you must bring them together and then nobody can point the blame and hope you go away. I am really really curious now as to the actual replacement policy – I have a premium and wouldn’t mind an Elite for a couple hundred bucks more… :-)

  28. Hallik09 says:

    They lied to you, Best Buy’s extended care let’s you get a replacement in store or a voucher if you mail it in. It says so on the brochure itself. I’ve actually exchanged a 360 after it started scratching my discs. In fact, it was at night, and they didn’t even get the technician to look at it, the lady went and brought a new one, didn’t even open up the box.

  29. hop says:

    best buy sucketh………………

  30. josh42042 says:

    god dammit. i had the same kinda thing happen to me – my 360’s headset broke, and i had the 3 year warranty. so i brought the headset in, and the customer service rep told me i had to bring in the whole system (except the hard drive) and have the whole thing replaced. i’m like – seriously? so i go home, come back with the whole thing, and the next rep says that they could just replace the headset (duh), but i had them give me a whole new system for my trouble. it was a nice way to replace my controller!

    I reccomend speaking to someone else at the store if they give you the runnaround – expecially if you know what’s supposed to happen. and that whole mailing it back sh*t sounds like microsoft’s warranty program, not best buy’s.

  31. bloodr says:

    I had bad experience with BB’s PRP. I had a 360 that went bad and it took nearly 4 months to actually get a replacement (in the form of a store credit).

    Honestly, I find Microsoft’s service to me better than BB and Sony but not as good as Nintendo.

  32. Jstandish says:

    I had a great experience with my 2 year replacement plan for my 360 at Best Buy, just brought in my defunct Xbox minus the hard drive and walked out with a replacement, went home and was back killing Locusts in no time.

  33. jwissick says:

    BB sucks ass. End of line.

  34. bhelverson says:

    “[The Best Buy manager said] that it wasn’t his problem what I was told by his employees and there was nothing he could do for me.”

    Wrong-o! When you call any business, the person who answers the telephone is presumed to have the authority to speak for the business and you have the right to rely on whatever they told you. This is right out of the common law of Agency that predates any of the laws in this Country.

  35. IRSistherootofallevil says:

    Best Buy really does suck. Seriously. The Gilroy store’s staffed with incompetent twits. And um we got a 4 hour long sales pitch about all the different aspects of a computer……plus PSP plans and what not….the next two computers I bought (HP and Apple), I bought online at and apple store online respectively.

    Seriously, buy computers online. You log in, pick what you want, add to cart, check out, and log out. That’s it. Apple service has been excellent I think…..none of that buy this buy that kind of crap. I called to ask them to cancel an order and they had it cancelled before I hung up. And um my next order was processed within 45 minutes, shipped that evening from LA, put on a fedex jet at 2AM that night, and it was at my house 3 days later (bought dec 30, dec 31 was a sunday, jan 1 was new year’s), a day earlier than expected.

  36. NoThru22 says:

    Hallik09 you said “They lied to you, Best Buy’s extended care let’s you get a replacement in store” but that’s still not true. Please check what the brochure actually says. Please don’t misconstrue this as defending Best Buy, I am not at all, but I am bringing the facts. As I said, maybe they have broken the rules for you (and tons of people) but that does not mean they’re not still the rules.

  37. Erasmus354 says:

    Best Buy didn’t recently change any policies….if you would read the brochure they gave you for your two year “Product Replacement Plan” the second sentence says “Do Not Return Product to Store.”

    Best Buy has always required you to call the number for a Return Authorization Number. It states in the brochure also that your original receipt is required in order to obtain an RA#.

    All in all, everything this reader has an objection to is written quite clearly in the brochure he so conveniently decided not to read. I have beef with a lot of stuff Best Buy does, and certainly the misinformation was bad, but that is poor training. In the end Best Buy did exactly what they said they would in the contract he agreed to when he bought that warranty.

  38. nroberts says:

    There is a difference between a PRP (Product Replacement Plan) and a PSP (Product Service Plan). With a PRP, you can swap the item out at the store at any time within 2 years and get full store credit of the original purchase price + tax. A PSP, on the other hand, requires them to send it into to be repaired, or replaced with the exact model or similar. They offer PSPs on the higher end stuff (computers, iPods with HDs, TVs) because when it breaks in 2 years, they can give you a model that’s now cheaper than what you paid.

    PRPs are great on the flash-based iPods and video game systems because they’re basically guaranteed to drop in price within 2 years. I’ve got one on my original iPod Nano (which, this summer, is going to mysteriously turn into a brand new iPod) and my PS2. The way Sony is going, I’ll be able to get a PS3 for trade and some change in 18 months!

  39. DigiTM says:

    I wanted to add to this with my personal experience with the Best Buy PRP for the Xbox 360. I too purchased their 2 year extended warranty for the Xbox 360 when I was able to grab one of them in December 2005. Initially, I declined the plan, finding it useless, but was somehow convinced (jedi mindtrick anyone?) about its importance and my previously unknown need for it. By the time I walked out of the store that cold morning, I was up one shiny new Xbox 360, and down an extra 50 dollars for some plan I figured I would never use.

    Needless to say, I was almost correct on that assumption. My Xbox and I went on playing happily together for a good year and a two months. I even let it move with me to my new apartment and set it up as the shining centerpiece of my livingroom (I’m so thoughtful). Things were fine up until the point when my friend went to turn it on one day and I received those dreaded three Red leds of death. I quickly shut it down and left it off for a good week, feeling the nawing pain of withdrawl creeping into me a little more every day.

    Of course, around day three I remembered my PRP plan and immediately read up on what it covered and how to use it. (Let me note that this began in February). I went on Best Buy’s website and tried using their “convienient” online PRP form. No go. Thing kicked my PRP code right back at me stating that it could not find it. Confused, I called in on their Customer Support line.

    I must admit, for being as incompetent as they are in their customer service, their manner and overall attitude was amazingly upbeat and polite. The man on the other end helped me out greatly, and after roughly 15 minutes of talking, he promised me that I would receive an email from them within the next 24 hours with my shipping instructions for me to send my xbox to them.

    Excited about getting my xbox back, I don’t think I left my room for the next 24 hours (thank god for weekends) and continually checked my email. Nothing. I double checked my inbox and spam box – empty. No mind, I figured that it might have been delayed for some reason and decided to simply give it a few days time.

    4 days later, still with no email from Best Buy, I called their customer service line again and was connected to another cheery technician. I explained my situation and she happily stated that she would resend the email and that it should arrive in my inbox within 2 to 3 business days. At this point, I decided to ask her if I would be able to return the Xbox straight to my local store if it made it easier. She told me no, that since my Microsoft Warranty had expired, I was going to have to send it into their service location so they could look at it and either fix the problem or consider replacing the unit entirely. (They do this by not actually sending a unit back to you, rather they just send a giftcard worth an equal amount for you to use to purchase another Xbox). I did find the “fixing” aspect a little odd though as I thought I had paid for a Replacement Plan, as stated on my receipt, and not a Service Plan. Needless to say, I took her advice (she was a representative for Best Buy, right? So why not listen to her?) and decided to wait for them to try to email the shipping labels to me.

    To make a long story somewhat shorter, I ended up waiting almost 2 months trying to get them to simply send me the prepaid shipping labels. During that time, after trying and failing to have the labels delievered a third time through my email, I called up and asked them to just send it through my mailing address. They told me that it would take 3 to 7 business days, so by the end of the two months of trying, I had ended up calling their customer service at least another 3 or 4 times after waiting a week or more each time, checking my mail every single day for those non-existant labels. I tried everything during this time, from calling their service helpline, to contacting their online help desk, which was worse than any online help I have received before. No matter how hard you tried to contact a living person, or how many complaints you might include in your emails, you never seem to even come close to reaching a human being.

    Midway through this whole situation, I tried my xbox again, out of desperation, and found that while it ran a little sluggishly, it still worked some and I was able to play my beloved games once again. Needless to say, while I still continued to try to get the shipping labels sent to me, I had come to accept that I would most likely not be able to ever get the replacement that I had paid for.

    Finally, a little past the official two month mark, after almost giving up, I called in one last time in hopes of finding an end to this terrible never ending wait. I spoke to another random technician, but this time it was different. For the first time, after complaining about the unbelievably long wait I had, the technician on the other end offered me something I couldn’t believe. She said that while she would try to resend the labels once more, she was going to put in on the notes that if it did not work this last time, then they would bypass the entire process and just sent me a giftcard worth the amount I paid for my xbox. Amazing! Of course, i was estatic about that and thanked her accordingly. Still wondering though if the giftcard would even make it or if it would have the same fate as the labels that never showed up.

    I waited a week, and found nothing. Busy at the time, I did not find the time to call them back to let them know it had failed again. Well, roughly a week after my final failed wait, I opened my mailbox to find a single envelope from a random address somewhere from the midwest. When I opened it, to my surprise, there was a fresh Best Buy giftcard in it worth over $400.00! I was more than happy about it. It seems that even though I never got around to telling them that their mailing attempt had failed, they still managed to figure it out it would fail (again) and simply sent me a giftcard.

    The thing I really didn’t understand though was how quickly it showed up. While Best Buy failed multiple times to send me some simple shipping labels to my address, they were somehow able to send me a giftcard to the exact same address in less than a weeks time. Never-the-less, I didn’t bother calling back to find out why. But I held off on using the giftcard itself to purchase a new Xbox right away. During the long time it took to get any results out of their plan, I got my xbox to start working again. So I held onto the giftcard for a rainy day when my original one broke down fully again (because I know it will happen sometime). Guess that was a good idea as now that Microsoft has announced their extended 3 year warranty, I am in the process of trying to send my xbox in to them to get fixed, free of charge.

    I’m still planning on keeping the giftcard of course – I would be lying if I said that I did not feel entitled to it after all of the difficulties I had in receiving it. Recently, I have been looking around at some of Best Buy’s HDTVs and I know that this extra $400.00 will go a long way toward helping me pick up a much better television than what I would originally have been able to afford.

    Overall, while the entire process was a major pain in the ass, the experience was not completely miserable as every person I spoke to was very professional and tried their hardest to be as helpful as they could be (however little that actually was). While I don’t plan on using any of Best Buy’s extended plans again, I will, for the time being, continue to shop there. Well, at least until I use up my shiny giftcard.

  40. m4nea says:

    BBY’s in the states sound like horrifying places to shop…
    None of this would fly with the PRP I sell on a daily basis at the Canadian store I work at.
    That, and the plans sound messed down there; you can’t get a replacement plan on anything over $200 up here because it is impractical (go figure). After this price barrier it is a SERVICE plan, and the unit is deemed defective and usually just replaced anyways.


    …yes…:)…you should read the pamphlet…

  41. JamesKrick says:

    I completely disagree with this article. It is very rash to say the entire replacement plan system is a hassle when one customer, of thousands has a bad experience. Okay, this customer had a bad experience, but the majority have pleasant experience. I am an employee at Best Buy and every day I see an XBOX 360 come back in our store, and I see the customer leave with a brand new one. On a $400 dollar machine we offer a 2 year *Replacement* plan for $59.99. Best Buy sells the product we don’t make it, if you talk to anyone you will quickly find out these 360s have a great chance of breaking, and we will give you a new one for less than 20% of the price. Also with our plan you are buying convenience. You never have to worry about having it shipped both ways or even worrying about if you are getting a new one or a refurbished one (after all you don’t see anyone put your new XBox in your hands), at Best Buy we give you a brand new one out of the box right in front of your face. The people at Best Buy are not on commission and we sell that plan because we want to make it easy for you. None of the managers at my best buy are that cold either, they will do almost anything or help you through anything to make sure you leave happy.

  42. Igok1234 says:

    I bough my x box about year and half ago and 2 months later it stopped reading disks. I call about the 2 year replacements plan and with in 24 hours i had a pre paid sniping label and about 5 days later I received a gift card for the x box which I was then able to pay few more bucks and get the elite.

    But on the bad note my tv is messed up. 56 days ago the tech came out he has been here 2 additional times and was bringing the part. They ordered the wrong part. So 56 days later My 2 thousand dollar tv is still broke. I will be calling them ever day until someone gives me a new television.

    But so far all the customer service has been excellent, and I belive that I will have a new tv by the end of next week.

    I could be wrong and best buy could screw me. Regardless if i had not gotten the replacement plan I would be out 2 g’s. So in some casses having the plan is the way to go.

  43. microsoftisawaste says:

    Yeah, I got the product replacement company on the phone and they told me I had to mail my XBOX in and get a gift card for the same value beacause there is not a best buy on Long Island, or even the online store that has had an XBOX 360 Elite in months. They said to mail it in and in about ten days I get the gift card to a store that CANNOT REPLACE the PRODUCT, which is the whole reason I bought the PRODUCT REPLACEMENT PLAN. Well it’s been 10 days folks…. I give them a call, “oh, we received it…. we’re in the process of sending out your gift card… it’ll take about 14 days.” Now what the fuck is that? Why sell a replacement plan for a product you can’t keep in stock….. I mean… Best Buy IS a sloppily run corporate piece of shit… we know this, but if you are going to sell a consumer something like an insurance policy, you would think they would have the resources to back it up. But then again…. this is America, where everyone gets fucked so everyone makes a buck. Pathetic… I should have just let microsoft have it for a month… at least it would come back fixed.

  44. microsoftisawaste says:

    jameskrik…. I wish it were so, I bought the plan strictly out of convenience, otherwise I would have sent it to microsoft to be properly repaired. I wish your best buy was in NY… my life would be much easier. You would think in a metro area, things like that would be in regular stock