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Whataburger Resumes Normal Breakfast Hours After Egg Shortage Crackdown

Good news for fans of Whataburger’s breakfast: The chain says its resumed serving its overnight full breakfast menu and will go back to normal hours after resolving egg shortages linked to the Midwest bird flu crisis. Customers can now get breakfast from 11 p.m. to 11 a.m. [via the Associated Press] [More]

Best Buy's XBOX 360 Replacement Plan Is A Huge Hassle

Best Buy's XBOX 360 Replacement Plan Is A Huge Hassle

Here at the Consumerist we tell you not to spend your hard-earned money on things like “Extended Warranties” or “Replacement Plans.” Why? Because you can get a credit card with extended warranty protection and double your warranty for free. Still, many people buy into the replacement/warranty plans and then are disappointed when using them is a hassle. Like Reader Matt, for example. Matt found out the hard way that Best Buy will go out of their way to sell you the plan, but are uninterested in helping you take advantage of it.