A Document Alltel Looks At When You Want To Cancel Cellphone Service

Inside is an official Alltel internal company document on what they’re supposed to do when customers call up asking to cancel their cellphone service.

Basically, if you returning it within 15 days and you bought it from an authorized reseller, they want you to go back to th reseller. Military can get their service put on hold for free for 18 months.

Apparently some people use this cellphone company that we never head of before working on this site and they might be interested. This document is for you.



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  1. Nick says:

    I’m surprised Alltel remains relatively unknown to so many. Must be another east-west thing. I’ve known about them for a while, but it seems they have recently launched a massive marketing campaign. I see their commercials frequently, even though I rarely watch TV. It’s almost creepy, as if they somehow know when I am walking past the TV in the lobby or visiting a friend’s apartment…

    Anyway, Alltel’s claim-to-fame, apart from having “American’s Largest Wireless Network” (whatever that means), is My Circle (unlimited calls to 10 domestic numbers of your choice). Sound familiar? You’ve probably heard of this from T-Mobile as myFaves (unlimited calls to only 5 domestic numbers of your choice), but Alltel has had this feature since April 2006 and is probably the reason why T-Mobile felt compelled to introduce something similar.

    While it sounds fine and good (doesn’t everything in the commercial?), Alltel’s limited voice mail and nerve for charging a monthly fee for a detailed bill can make it feel like flying a budget airline.

  2. CaptainSlappyPants says:

    Alltel is a rural wireless carrier, they make their money where Verizon, Cingular, TMobile dont think there is a large enough concentration of people to warrant a build-out there.

  3. roamer1 says:

    @nick2588: I’m not surprised that so many people have never heard of Alltel. Alltel is predominantly a rural/small-town carrier and only serves a few major cities (Tampa, Phoenix, Cleveland, Charlotte, etc.), and doesn’t serve the Northeast at all except for a single county in Connecticut they got from Cingular along with licenses for OKC and other areas in the South and Midwest. Cingular had to divest. I’ve found the recent “national” marketing campaign a bit odd given that they do serve so few major markets; targeted regional advertising seems like it would make more sense.

    In general, Alltel is considered more customer-friendly than the “Big Four” major carriers, and considerably more customer-friendly than the company most like them, Verizon Wireless. (Quite a few people have managed to get “Alltel” firmware on their VZW phones to get rid of VZW’s crippling and crapware UI…)

  4. You can go here to see if they serve your area:


  5. Sudonum says:

    My wife had an Alltel account in the FL Panhandle about 3 years ago. She wanted to change carriers. While waiting for the current 2 year deal to end she lost her phone. Called to report it, told them she didn’t want to spend any money on a replacement phone as she intended to cancel in 2 months when her contract was up. She had a seperate business phone she was using and would just continue to us it for the remaining 2 months of the contract and would then port her Alltel number over to her new account. So she’s basically paying the $40-$60 minumum for 2 months until her contract’s up.

    It’s 2 months later, her contract is now expired She calls to cancel. They tell her that “someone” has re-upped her account with them for another 2 years and they sent out a new phone. Won’t tell us to what address it was shipped, but it obviously wasn’t the billing address. It took months for them to get the mess straightened out, and she never was able to port her number.

  6. logie-al says:

    Back in the late 90’s I worked at an independent Radio Shack in North Carolina that sold Alltel and Nextel. At that time, Alltel was considerably smaller and only regional. Their customer service seemed ok, but nothing great. My experience was mostly just activating new service and things of that sort. Think Motorola StarTac and the like… I know… old. What was fun was running credit checks and the Alltel rep telling me that the name didn’t match the SSN or the SSN was invalid… ahhh… illegal immigrants.

  7. antisocial-penguin says:

    A lot of people don’t know about Alltel because they are relatively new in the cellphone market. In our town (Jamestown, NY) and other rural cities, Alltel was the landline phone company. They just recently devoted themselves to cellphone service over the summer of 2006. At least the document isn’t like so many others going to drastic measures to stop a disconnection.

  8. FLConsumer says:

    I’ve had Alltel for 10 years as of this month, never would consider another provider, especially after having an AT&T Wireless/Cingular phone for work for a couple of years.

  9. Nick says:

    @roamer1: Yes, they specialize in rural areas — they cover most of the places that nobody else does, even my grandma in the small 3% group of Americans not within 20 miles of a Wal-Mart has Alltel coverage in her town of 150 — but since they have roaming agreements with the Verizon and Sprint/Nextel you can use your Alltel phone basically anywhere.

    See http://alltel.com/personal/wireless/images/nat_freedom_map

    You can’t sign up for an Alltel account in a ZIP code where they don’t provide their own service, but you almost bet that you can use your Alltel phone there.

  10. Peekoos says:

    I am originally from Arkansas, and I believe (not 100% sure) that Alltel is based in Little Rock. Up until a couple of years ago, everyone around here either had Alltel or Cingular. Sprint has made its way here, and T-Mobile and Verizon are now trying. Anyway, everyone that I know that has had Alltel has switched to Cingular b/c of dropped calls, low signal, etc. (except a couple of my friends that work for them – can’t hate on them b/c they get a discount!)

    Oh, and I used to work for T-Mobile (in Tennessee) and they already had the concept for “My Favs” before the Alltel “My Circle” was launched. Who knows who came up with the idea first, but all I know is that we were told to NOT disclose that information to anyone. I think what delayed the launch of the T-Mobile concept was that you couldn’t use their idea on just ANY phone – they were waiting on the technology for the phones designed with the 5 “My Favs” icons to be ready. I thought that was a big fat waste of resources. Gee, I want My Favs, but now I have to buy a new phone? Pfftt…. In that aspect, the Alltel thing is more practical…..even though I secretly (or not so secretly) hate Alltel. It’s probably just b/c my friends that work for Alltel were being asses to me when I worked for T-Mobile….oh well!

  11. mopar_man says:

    Alltel’s limited voice mail

    How is it limited? I personally have no problems with it. I especially like that there’s no long-ass introduction before I can get to my voice mail account. As soon as you dial it, it asks for your PIN and you’re on your way.

    As for the service, I’m in the UP of Michigan and I haven’t had any complaints yet. There’s a couple dead spots here and there but that’s expected when you go out into the earth’s last half acre.

  12. testkahuna says:

    I’ve had Alltel for years. We lived in FL (Alltel is a Southern thing…) and recently moved to Northern VA. Tried to get out of our plan with Alltel because they don’t have any stores up here and we still had out FL numbers w/ Nationwide Plan. After some research, they use Verizon’s network up here, we always have good reception and our plan is better and cheaper than anything from the “locals”. I just got a new phone and re-up’d. I went from a bitcher to a praiser… Go figure.

  13. pestie says:

    “If you returning it?” “Never head of?” Ben must be undercaffeinated.

  14. FLConsumer says:

    Alltel’s personal voicemail only allows you to have 15 messages stored at a time. For some of us, that can fill up within an hour. I don’t feel like paying an extra $5/mo for more storage. Besides, if I’ve got 15 calls to return, I don’t want more filling my mailbox.

    FWIW, Alltel users can use Alltel, Verizon, and Sprint PCS towers with the latest PRL list. Dial *228 and update your PRL. I hear there’s an EVDO data roaming agreement in the works but haven’t seen anything on it in the past few months.

  15. shdwsclan says:

    I guess its that rest stop restaurant thing….the hardy’s, hooter’s, ihop, etc…

  16. phone_nominon says:

    I work for alltel and to the comments from flconsumer above, the enhanced vm capacity is only $2 now and doubles capacity from 15 to 30 and adds other options such as vm blasting to numerous addresses.

    Now that alltel has been purchased, tpg will invest more money to compete with the top four carriers, if you don’t like alltel, sorry. They’re here to stay.

  17. sunkissed899 says:

    youre right phone_nominon. alltel is here to stay. T-mobile does have a program called ‘my faves’ but it is very different from the My circle promotion that altlel has. My faves is only 5 numbers, and from what I saw when I did my research if you select my faves it seemed like you lost your mobile to mobile minutes. also With my circle I can change it every day, my faves you can only change monthly. I have lived in WV where no other carrier got service worth a darn and my home here in FL noone elses service works in my home, even though all the carriers have towers here in the Tampa Bay Area. Ive been with Alltel for years, their staff no matter where I go have always been awesome and most importantly my phone works no matter where I go! And I never ever ever drop calls :)

  18. rwalford79 says:

    just wanna get something straight to one of the first posts..

    T-Mobile HQ in Bellevue Washington is in the SAME building (a cluster of 8 buildings) as one of the West Coast Alltel centers.

    T-Mobile created the whole plan of group of unlimited calling for parties. However, the 2 original people who came up with the idea left T-Mobile (from R&D) and went to Alltel, which took that idea. T-Mobile then launched something different, My5 in the beginning changing to MyFaves. Originally it was an ADD ON FEATURE, now its a FORCED PLAN CHANGE, and REQUIRES PHONES WITH MYFAVES SOFTWARE.

    But point is, T-Mobile created the “circle” first.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am one pissed off Alltel Customer. I am a Solider in the US Army, I recently was transfered to South Korea, and attempted to place my cell phone on Military Suspension due to Alltel not providing service for South Korea, I delivered my orders to an alltel corporate store, and sales representive took care of everything else, needless to say 2 months go buy and I am getting charged still, I’m now in South Korea and fighting with Alltel Customer Service, just to suspend my account without getting charged for it. Customer Service Rep. tells me that you as a Soldier cannot military suspend your account because you are not deployed nor are you in basic training, the sad thing is now basic training they can atleast use their cell phones. So here i am getting charged for a family plan 112 dollars a month, which is suspend however i still have to pay the bill every month because it is not military suspended, oo by the way i do not have 2 fones anymore i only have 1 phone my phone thats dead in my bottom drawer because i cant use it in SOUTH KOREA. Thanks Alltel for screwing a Soldier in the A**. I am supprised that most Americans still don’t realize that North Korea and South Korea are still at war with each other. They never signed a Peace Treaty all they did was call a seize fire. So here I am in a Country that may be possible go to war at anytime. and i get told by a representive that I volunteered for the Military. No joke. You (Rep) volunteered to be a customer service Rep so your going to listen to me Complain! about how crappy Alltel is.