Year-Old Frozen Hamburger Recalled Due To E. Coli

Yes, even freezing meat for 1 year will not dampen the power of e. coli. From the LA Times:

The meat was produced by Richwood Meat Co. on April 28, 2006, dated either “4-28-06” or “118-6,” for the 118th day of the year, said Mike Wood, the company’s president. Although the product was manufactured a year ago, the patties still may be present in freezers at home or in stores, officials said.

The products were distributed to institutional food services, food distributors, discount grocers and retail outlets such as WinCo and Vons, officials said. The recalled meat also was shipped to Arizona, Idaho, Oregon and Washington…. The recalled products carry the brand names Fireriver, Ritz Food Service, Chef’s Pride, Blackwood Farms, California Pacific Associates, C&C Distributing, Golbon and Richwood.

Several kids picked up the contaminated meat at a Little League field in St. Helena, Calif and became ill with e. coli poisoning.

You know what this means. If your team has been storing burgers since last season, toss them. According to the USDA, frozen uncooked hamburger should only be stored 3 to 4 months in the freezer before it starts to taste awful anyway. —MEGHANN MARCO

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(Photo:Stuart Spivack)

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