British Airways Edits Virgin Atlantic Logo And CEO Out of Casino Royale

British Airways will show Casino Royale on their airplanes, but not if Richard Branson is in it. According to the BBC, they’ve cut him out of the movie. From the BBC:

Sir Richard was seen briefly in the original film, passing through an airport security scanner, but can only be seen from behind in the new edit.

“Many films are edited in some way on board,” said a BA spokesman.

Branson was given a cameo in the movie because he donated a plane for use in the film. BA, in their attempt to convince passengers that they are, in fact, the only airline currently in existence, also covered up a Virgin Atlantic tail fin.

BA’s entertainment team vets films and television shows for flights on grounds of taste and suitability.

“We do reserve the right to edit films, and many films are edited in some way on board,” said a spokesman.

We agree that product placement can be in poor taste, but really… is poor taste limited to your competitors, BA? —MEGHANN MARCO

BA cuts Branson from Bond movie [BBC]

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