Readers Bite Back

  • FDA Spokesperson: Is Bagged Salad Safe To Eat? “No, I Don’t Believe It Is.”
    Mattbrown offers: “I ate some the other week and immediately puked, then i bought more. (seriously) hummm….

  • Help! Landlord Making Up Bogus Cleaning Charges
    VG10 says: “5 mins to remove trash at $12.50 per 5 minutes = $150/hr. I want that job. 🙂

  • Recall: Listerine Agent Cool Blue
    ShadeWalker asked, en route to the hospital: “So wait, i wasn’t supposed to drink it?

  • Menu Foods Exec Sold Half His Shares 3 Weeks Before Recall
    Matsayz sayz: “I’d let martha get away with ripping my wife’s garden out in full bloom before cashing in on a knowingly deathly recall.

  • Organic Crime: The Raw Milk Underground
    AgentMunroe reminisces: “We used to have friends who lived on a very small personal farm and had a couple cows that we used to get raw milk from… best corn flakes ever.

  • CEO Pay Up 298%, Average Worker’s? 4.3% (1995-2005)
    ElizabethD says: “The robber barons ride again.

  • Walgreens Apologizes For Insinuating Reader Might Be Committing Check Fraud
    Homerjay says: “Don’t get me wrong, you’re certainly allowed to write a check in a retail store if they accept them but I’m also allowed to stand behind you pissing and moaning about how long it takes for people to write checks when they could just as easily be using a debit card.

  • Should Spyware Distributors Be Locked Up?
    Sleze69 says: “Yes.

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