Above And Beyond: Stikfas Restores Ailing Dragon To Health

Paul’s Stikfas dragon looked “sad and kind of pathetic” after losing the joint connecting the dragon wing to the dragon. Though television tells us dragons are sturdy and difficult to defeat, we cut this particular dragon some slack because it was guarding a desk, not a ‘high value target’ like a princess or castle. Paul was upset because “what’s a dragon without wings?”

Paul wrote to Stikfas to ask for a replacement joint. Their part replacement policy states: “Exchanges will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Product damage due to abuse or reckless handling will not be entertained.

Paul makes his case, and Stikfas restores the ailing to dragon to health, after the jump…

(Photo: Ichibanto)

Paul’s email to us:

I took a liking to the pose-able toys made by Stikfas and purchased a few to decorate my computer desk because, hey, big, plastic dragons and samurai mean serious business. Anyway, at some point I lost one of the joints that connects a dragon wing to the dragon. What’s a dragon without wings?

So I email the company and request a replacement thinking it’ll cost me a bit but, whatever, my big plastic dragon looks really sad and kind of pathetic with only one wing.

Paul’s email to Stikfas:

I lost the barbell joint for the Dragon model. The joint is the one between the outer most wing and the middle wing on the right side. How would I go about getting a replacement?

Stikfas’ response to Paul:

Hi Paul, thanks for writing. Product and part exchanges are usually provided in the case of manufacturing faults or packing errors, but in the event that damage is caused by mishandling or rough play, we’d do what we can to help. I could replace your part , all I’ll need is a mailing address. Be hearing from you then.

Paul is happy with the outcome.

I sent him my address and about two weeks later I get not one but two replacement parts in case I’m a clumsy oaf and lose it again.

It doesn’t look like a huge deal, really, but it’s nice that the company will do little things like this to keep their customers happy. I appreciated that alot.

It’s the little things that keep dragons healthy, and their owners happy. After all, the last thing anyone wants is an angry dragon owner. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER