Estimate Your FICO Score For Free

To creditors, you are a walking, talking, three digit number. Creditors use that number, your FICO score, to judge your credit worthiness. A good FICO score can lead to favorable terms, but unless you pay a fee or sign up for a free trial, your score is cloaked in a shroud of secrecy. Until now.

Bankrate’s FICO Score Estimator asks ten questions about the contents of your credit report. The estimator then provides a fifty-point range that should contain the score provided by each of the three credit reporting agencies. You can use this score to negotiate better terms with creditor.

JLP from AllFinancialMatters reminds us that the estimator only works if you are honest.

One thing I found weird was earlier this week when I used it, it told me that my FICO score was 770 – 820. Today, I got a 750 – 805. I guess I must have entered something differently this time around. If you try out the estimator, it’s important to be HONEST!

A score above 700 is ideal, but only if it’s based on truthful answers. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

FICO Score Estimator [Bankrate via AllFinancialMatters]
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  1. MercuryPDX says:

    My credit card through Washington Mutual/Providian gives me my FICO score online, tracks it from month to month, and emails me when it changes by more than 20 pts. in either direction. The also have a simulator that shows how you can change your score by making extra payments on time, letting your account go past due, or any number of scenarios.

  2. healthdog says:

    It worked for me – my actual fico (checked 3/30) was smack in the middle of the 50 point range. Cool.

  3. catnapped says:

    Estimator sez 750-800 which is pretty spot-on to my real FICO scores.

  4. kerry says:

    Good to hear it’s accurate. Said I was 745-795 based on what was on my last credit report, but I’ve never paid to get a real FICO score so I wasn’t sure what to expect.