United Ad: Some Of Our Best Businessmen, Are Women!

American Airlines getting “female marketing” totally buck wrong isn’t anything new. This United videos shows airlines have been wacky about women since at least 1968. At least. Here’s the transcript:

Some of our best businessmen, are women! Like fashion designer, Cartin Ally (sp?). Head of one of the most successful couture firms in the country. She travels coast to coast more times in one year than most people do in a lifetime.

But, being a woman, she looks at things, well, a little differently than other business travelers.

The things she remembers about an airline are things most MEN wouldn’t even notice.

We notice them. Maybe that’s why United flies more businessmen, and women, than any other airline.


And today? American Airlines wants women to know, “Safety, security and reliability are top priorities when you’re traveling for business, but health and style are important too.”

It’s not “retro,” that’s so early 2000. Just say, “atavistic!” — BEN POPKEN

[via Upgrade Travel Better]