Upset With Cellphone Service, Man Smashes Mercedes S500 Into Company Doors

A man upset with his cellphone provider’s inability to get his new phone to work out vented his rage by driving his friend’s Mercedes S500 into the company’s office doors.

“The Samsung Anycall cell phone that I bought from an SK distributor in Incheon on March 13 didn’t work at all,” Kim said. “I got a message to check the Universal Subscriber Identify Module card and reset it. I thought it was a problem with the USIM card, a part made by SK Telecom, so I called SK’s call center. But the problem wasn’t resolved.”

Kim said he called 16 times to complain and visited the head office twice. Two weeks ago, a head office employee suggested Kim replace his phone with a new model because they were out of the old one. Kim rejected the suggestion and insisted on receiving the same model which features an automatic overseas roaming service. Kim complained that SK refused to take responsibility for making faulty products.

And let’s guess… his cellphone still isn’t working right. Not the most effective form of customer complaint. But probably extremely fulfilling, if only for a fleeting moment or two. — BEN POPKEN

Man Smashes Mercedes into Cell Phone Office [Chosun] (Thanks to Bucky!)

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