Above And Beyond: Here's Looking At You, Casablanca Fan Company

Arthur purchased a Casablanca ceiling fan over two decades ago. This is his story.

Around 1980 or 1981 I bought a Casablanca ceiling fan. I’ve been happy with it’s performance. A couple of weeks ago the 4 way switch (that turns the lights and fan on and off) broke. I went to the Casablanca web page but couldn’t find my model fan listed so I couldn’t order the part I needed. I called their customer service line. The lady was dismayed that I had THAT model fan since they no longer had the electronic replacement parts in stock except for the on/off switch. “But all I need is the on/off switch.”, I said. “Ok, I’ll send it right out. No charge. (!)”. 2 or 3 days later I got the switch and the ceiling fan is working again.
Cheers for Casablanca!

There is nothing about Arthur’s story we don’t love. The quick service, the free replacement, the fan older than us that is still going strong. Casablanca Fan Company, we congratulate you. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

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