Target Revises Return And Exchange Policy: Items With No Receipt Worth $100 $20

Starting today, Target will reduce the maximum value of items without a receipt to $40; by August, the value will drop to $20. Target currently values returns with no receipt up to $100; customers can make two “without receipt” exchanges per year. The announcement was distributed as part of Target’s weekly internal newsletter, “News to Execute,” which conjures visions of frightened Wall Street Journals huddled against a wall. Tipster Tom from Target thinks the change will antagonize shoppers.

…people need to know about this. This policy change will increase customer inconvenience and dissatisfaction in order to stop the 1% of shoppers who collect $200 a year by gaming Target’s current return policy.

Target is not worried. They are telling concerned cashiers, who must explain the change to potentially angry shoppers, “of every 100 guests, one will be affected.”

Target’s internal newsletter, after the jump… change is neither fun nor friendly. Discuss. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER