Dear Passenger: We're Sorry You Had to Piss in the Barf Bag

SkyWest Airlines has apologized to passenger James Whipple, who used a barf bag to relieve himself in-flight.

The reason: They had prohibited him — and all other passengers — from using the airplane’s lone toilet because (wait for it…) a light was out and they didn’t want to delay the flight in order to replace it.

Mr. Whipple, who had enjoyed “two really big beers” at the Salt Lake City Airport, was apparently remarkably discreet: “No other passengers noticed Whipple using the bag, but a flight attendant asked him about it and told the captain, who called airport police.”

What tipped off the flight attendant? The sighs of relief? The shouts of “Whoo!” and “Shake and bake!” perhaps? (We’re speculating here.)

The airline, which provides commuter-jet service to Delta, apologized afterward, and gave him a voucher. Good luck cashing that in, Mr. Whipple!

As an aside: Thumbs up to USA Today for using the phrase “two ‘really big beers'” not once, but twice in their article, to describe the source of the urine. MARK ASHLEY

Passenger who urinated in air-sickness bag gets apology from airline [USA Today]

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