UPDATE: "Comcast Bullies Customer for Cash, Breaks His Hard Drive, Drills Huge Holes In Walls And Baseboards"

Remember Jason? He had the Comcast tech from hell. The cable installation tech asked Jason for cash, drilled holes in his baseboards, broke his Media Center PC, installed the wrong router…

Jason writes:

Hi guys,
I just wanted to update you on my Comcast issue – and give a huge THANK YOU to you guys & the Consumerist site. I truly believe that without your attention to the story, that it would not have rated so high on the minds of the people that ended up handling the matter.

I posted the end results on the website, along with some great before/after shots of the work, and a copy of the check they hand delivered as well. Again – thank you for everything.


Aw, shucks. We’re blushing. More pictures inside.

As you recall, Jason’s Comcast tech bullied him for cash, unplugged his Media Center PC without powering it down (breaking it) and drilled a bunch of nasty holes in his walls and baseboards.

Since appearing on the Consumerist everything has been fixed. Comcast and Helm Cable hand delivered a check for the damaged hard drive and proper outlets were installed in Jason’s home.

We attribute this to Jason’s excellent documentation of the problem. He did everything right. Be sure to visit Jason’s site to see what a well written complaint looks like. Congratulations, Jason! —MEGHANN MARCO


Comcast Fix My Problem

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