USPS Rate Hike: Introducing The 'Forever Stamp'

The USPS has approved a rate hike from $.39 to $.41 cents for a first class letter. They’ve also approved the “Forever Stamp” a stamp that does not lose its value is the postage rate changes. From the USPS:

The Governors approved the Forever Stamp, which will sell at the new 41-cent First-Class Mail one-ounce letter rate. The value on these stamps will always be the one-ounce letter rate and can be used for any future one-ounce letter mailing without extra postage.

“The Forever Stamp is a consumer innovation that delivers convenience and value and will help ease the transition for mailing letters when prices change,” said Chairman Miller.

The rate change will go into effect May 14th. Examples of the rate schedule inside…

Effective May 14, 2007
  Current New
First-Class Mail

  Letters, Bill Payment; Greeting Card $ 0.39 $ 0.41
Wedding Invitation (2-ounce) $ 0.63 $ 0.58
Postcard $ 0.24 $ 0.26
Priority Mail

  Flat Rate Envelope $ 4.05 $ 4.60
  Flat Rate Box $ 8.10 $ 9.15 **
  12-pound (Chicago to Los Angeles) $19.80 $24.10
Express Mail

  Flat Rate Envelope $14.40 $16.25
  1-pound package $18.80 $19.50
Parcel Post

  1-pound package $ 3.95 $ 4.50
  5-pound (Chicago to Los Angeles) $ 9.11 $ 9.50
Bank Statement    
  (2 ounces, 3-digit, barcoded) $ 0.545 $ 0.459
Utility Bill    
  (5-digit, barcoded) $ 0.293 $ 0.312

**Postal Service Governors are requesting reconsideration for the new price of the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.


USPS Press Release [USPS]

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