JetBlue Getting Ass Kicked By Weather Today

A Winter Weather advisory seems to be kicking JetBlue’s ass, still reeling from last month’s flight cancellation debacle.

Many flights are delayed or canceled, and if you call in to check or change your flight, a recording tells you they’re experiencing really high call volume, check the website, and then hangs up.

When passengers try to check their flight through, the page says “server too busy.”

We advise customers trying to check their flight to try a free online service like FlightAware.

JetBlue, didn’t you pledge to get your act together? The weather may be an “uncontrollable irregularity” but your inability to staff your phone lines isn’t. — BEN POPKEN

Northeast Winter Weather Advisory [JetBlue]

Reader Sabin writes:

    “I’m flying jetblue today and haven’t been able to get flight info through the normal channels. I ended up getting info by using the complaint form.

    I provided my confirmation # and someone got back to me within 1/2 an hour with updated flight information.”

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