Comcast Sends You A $0.63 Check For No Reason

Curtis doesn’t know why Comcast sent him a check for $0.63. He canceled Comcast and went with Verizon FIOS a year ago. Curtis writes:

I’m not sure what to say about this check I got from Comcast, except that I almost framed it. But then I decided how much I hate Comcast, like many decent people do, and decided if I can take money from them, any amount, then I’d do it… then I’ll print a copy and frame it.

I don’t know why I received it. I switched from Comcast’s ISP to Verizon FIOS a while ago (i.e. about a year). Was I supposed to view it as generous? probably not. Laughable? absolutely.

The answer is simple, Curtis. Comcast felt deep in their hearts that they owed you “No Dolllars And 63 Cents.” At least this proves that they can technically issue a check instead of offering a credit off your next bill. Food for thought.—MEGHANN MARCO

(Photo: Curtis)

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