WaMu Should Consider Sealing Envelopes Before Mailing Blank Checks

Maybe we’re being picky, but if you’re going to mail people blank “credit card” checks that they don’t even want, you should at least seal the envelope. Reader Brendan writes:

Today I got a solicitation from Washington Mutual to “use these paper checks” to access my account. I can’t imagine what kind of backward person uses checks to access their credit card. Nonetheless, I get one of these mailings from WaMu every couple weeks. This time, though, they didn’t bother to seal the envelope.
Hopefully you can see the pristine glue in the photo.
Maybe they’ve realized I’m not going to use the checks, and are giving strangers the opportunity to use them for me…? Maybe the Senate committee should look into mandatory Envelope Procedure Education.

Good job, Wamu. —MEGHANN MARCO

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