Quiznos Manual: An Answer For Everything

Browsing through the Quiznos operation manual last night, it was interesting, though not surprising, to see codified instructions for every possible employee action.

The time standard for the Baser, Finisher and Wrapper positions is 20 seconds or less at each station per sub. After you slice your onions, you must verify that the lengths of the onions are no longer than 2 inches and 1/8 inch thick. Bacon should never be broken or cut in half. Never let the phone ring more than once. Don’t shout across the restaurant with the phone line still open. In the event hostage taking, do not attempt to capture the abductor or free the victim.

The manual says this is to ensure the delivery of a product that confirms to official standards. Undoubtedly, it does, as well as reducing costs and making it easier for the average person to open up a Quiznos.

But maybe there’s something else….

(Photo: Media Guru)


Maybe by having a numbered headline for every single movement, an answer for every decision, it makes it that much easier for the corporation to ensure the franchises’ obedience. Like only buying from approved vendors selling at a markup, which are owned by The Quizno’s Master LLC, as several franchise owner’s lawsuits allege.

Even when Quiznos franchise owner Bhupinder Baber shot himself three times inside a Quiznos, he did it in the bathroom, away from the customers, in an easily moppable area. — BEN POPKEN

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