Wendy's 4 Alarm Spicy Chicken Sandwich Advertisement Vs Reality

Reader and Flickr Pool Member Tengaport writes in with an age old question. Should the sandwich look like the picture?:

I’m not so na

ve to think that photos (especially food items) are entirely indicative of the end result, but shouldn’t they at least resemble the product somewhat realistically? In the drive through image the ‘4-Alarm’ Spicy Chicken looks like quite a sandwich. The chicken is overlapping the bun and everything is stacked impressively high. In reality, the chicken on my sandwich was nearly hidden inside the sandwich and stacked maybe half the height of the advertisement.

This is a question that has puzzled philosophers since the Michael Douglas movie “Falling Down” was released. There is no answer. Only a lack of chicken. —MEGHANN MARCO

(Photos: Tengaport,Tengaport)

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