USAirways Loses Costumes, Ruins Carnivale

Lost luggage makes people sad. It makes Carol sad. She writes:

Some of my friends and I went to Venice for the Carnivale last month, and we wound up without our costumes, due to incompetence or theft overseen by US Airways….We were trying to connect from a US Airways flight to Philadelphia onto another airline, we got separated from our bags, and only the bag with “boring” contents came through – the suitcase containing the “interesting” contents has somehow still not been located!

Their suitcase went missing about 4 weeks ago. Mine went missing 3 weeks ago. Both while trying to get through Philadelphia, both coming in on US Airways. It seems like a bit much of a “coincidence”.

Carol and her friend Kristi (pictured above) have started a website in the hopes of locating their lost costumes. Sadly, it seems they may have done all they can through the regular channels. Any kind-hearted US Airways employees want to help them out? —MEGHANN MARCO