Why Is It So %#$%@-ing Impossible To Get Your Mail Delivered in Brooklyn?

Sorry for the local flavor of this post, but we live in Brooklyn. When we order things from UPS the UPS guy does not ring the bell. Ever. We work from home, so we know he does this. We’ve seen him do it. When we complain, they tell us that he’s a 10 year veteran with no prior complaints. We’ve complained before, so we assume this is part of a standard script. It’s not just UPS that’s messed up in Brooklyn. The post office may be even more screwed up. We hardly ever get any mail. Even junk mail.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones.

According to The Gowanus Lounge, our whole zipcode might be messed up:

We always get misdelivered mail. Always. One day last week we got no less than 23 (yes, that’s twenty-three) letters addressed to other addresses — in a single mail delivery. We are on Dean, and the letters were to others on Dean St., Bond St., Hoyt St, and . . .Utica Avenue.

Something SERIOUSLY messed up is going on in Brooklyn.

And UPS is messed up everywhere: Reader Jarrod writes:

Does anyone else have a problem with Fedex or UPS not knocking on the door? I’ll often leave for work to find a door hanger stuck to the door. Even though I’ve been home and awake all morning. Sometimes they will drop off packages and not bother to knock to let me know it’s there.

No, Jarrod. We do not know. We’ve tried leaving notes. Any suggestions for how to get the UPS guy to actually ring the doorbell? Anyone else in Brooklyn not getting their damn mail? Let’s hear about it in the comments. —MEGHANN MARCO

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(Photo: cmorran123)