NYC Health Commissioner: Rats Are Not A Health Risk

NYC Deputy Health Commissioner Jessica Leighton says rats are not a health risk. From NY1:

The city spends $8 million a year on rodent control and has a team of more than 100 inspectors who close about 500 restaurants each year.

“We can always use more to address the problem. It’s a big problem,” says Deputy Health Commissioner Jessica Leighton.

Leighton points out rats are a quality of life issue, not a health risk.

“They are not what causes food borne disease; they are not what causes poor health conditions,” says Leighton.

“For certain communities, the reasons that they have high rodent problems will be different than in other communities and we are trying to address the underlying factors,” says Leighton.

Why do we not find this comforting? —MEGHANN MARCO

Health Commissioner: Rats Are Not A Health Risk [NY1]

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