Ex-McDonald's Franchisee Dumps Sensitive Documents On Someone's Farmland

Sold a McDonald’s franchise lately? Unsure of how to properly dispose of thousands and thousands of sensitive documents, including employment records? Dump them on some guy’s farm and run away. That’s what William Brown of Lubbock, TX did, and he claims there’s nothing wrong with it because he intended to burn them. From NBC11:

Thousands of records containing personal information from people in and around Lubbock remained in a Lubbock County field, Wednesday night. Some of these records contain people’s names, social security numbers, even copies of their drivers licenses and birth certificates.
Lubbock County farmer, Kelly Kelsey contacted the Lubbock County Sheriff’s office, when he discovered this pile of boxes on his land Tuesday evening while he was working in the field.

“I couldn’t imagine what in the world it was. I got out to look at it and found people’s employment records, and social security numbers, and even some check books. Lots of information, vital information from somebody,” Kelsey said.

There is some dispute about who owns the land, Brown or Kelsey. If Brown turns out to be the owner of the land no charges will be filed. See? You can dump people’s birth certificates and SSNs in your yard if you like. Who cares about other people?—MEGHANN MARCO

Man Who Dumped Personal Documents Says He Did Nothing Wrong [NBC11]

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