Is Costco "The Anti-Walmart"?

According to MSN Money, discount retailer Costco is “the Anti-Walmart” for its quality goods at low markups and employees who are well-paid and have health care. From MSN Money:

This formula has generated fierce loyalty among both shoppers and workers while rewarding long-term investors…the company also has managed to make discount shopping fashionable for affluent Americans by offering fine wines, books and big-screen televisions at low prices, and staples such as paper towels and razor blades in bulk.

By offering one-time specials like discounted Prada bags or Callaway golf clubs at individual outlets, Costco has created what it calls a “treasure-hunt” atmosphere in its stores.

What do you guys think? Anti-Walmart? —MEGHANN MARCO

Costco: The Anti-Walmart [MSN Money]
(Photo: iBjorn)

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