Planned Parenthood Helps You Choose Sprint

If you’re looking to escape your one or two year-old contract in favor of Sprint, Planned Parenthood has a plan for you.

    “Planned Parenthood Wireless is a new choice for your cell phone service. By signing up for this service, you will help preserve reproductive rights, and ensure access to comprehensive family planning and medically accurate sex education for women and families around the world. You’ll do something you do every day – talk on your cell phone – and you’ll be helping Planned Parenthood as 10% of all monthly charges goes to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, at no extra cost to you.”

Switching carriers often means incurring an Early Termination Fee. To offset the cost, Planned Parenthood will refund Early Termination Fees, up to $175, to be paid after the first trimester three months.

This is the latest in a series of conscious-consumer products, where the consumer makes a commercial choice knowing the decision supports a specific value or policy. Planned Parenthood Wireless is similar to drinking Fair Trade coffee, wearing sweatshop-free clothing, or following the precepts socially responsible investing. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Planned Parenthood Wireless [via Freakonomics Blog] (Thanks to Annitra!)


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  1. Do2 says:

    You have got to be kidding. Tell me it is April 1.

    How about just send a check to PP directly and get a wireless phone from someone else? That way you are guilt free when you tell Sprint to explore their own anatomy.

    Of course when they screw you over, which they will, you have the phone number for PP. An interesting twist, really.

  2. guroth says:

    So all I have to do to avoid a cancel fee is get pregnant? Score! I will save so much money that way..

  3. dyanflores says:

    there’s an “early termination fee” joke somewhere in there just dying to be made.

  4. CustomersRevenge says:

    Wicked, you can suscribe to Abortion-Brand phone service. Check this: One of the major cell providers in Canada just got their butts handed to them by their customers because they were starting a porn distribution service: Your Phone Company is Also a Porn Purveyor

  5. kimdog says:

    Actually, Planned Parenthood does not have their own wireless service; they have pa…, which has been around for a while as a socially responsible long-distance and wireless company. Working Assets donates a portion of their profit to non-profit organizations, which their customers get to vote on.

    This seems to be a new promotion to donate directly to the org of your choice… sort of like an Amazon Affiliate program. Amnesty International is doing the same thing.

  6. kimdog says:

    Drat! Coding issue. That sentence should read :

    They have partnered with Working Assetts, which has been around a while…

  7. kimdog says:

    Drat, coding error! That sentence should read:

    they have partnered with Working Assetts, which has been around for a while…

  8. royal72 says:

    wow :(

  9. bluegus32 says:

    Just as an aside — love the photo of the statute. See everybody, that’s what a woman is supposed to look like. Not rail thin like the “super” models of today.

    Oh, and just to stay on topic — yay Planned Parenthood.

  10. bluegus32 says:

    Damn it!

    Statue. That’s what I meant to say. Not statute.

    I’ve been working too hard.

  11. cbearnm says:

    @dyanflores: My thoughts exactly, and it seems that people are more worried about the consequences of bad telephone choices than other social choices. Sad.

  12. cbearnm says:

    dyanflores says:
    there’s an “early termination fee” joke somewhere in there just dying to be made.

    Sad that people will spend more effort in avoiding a bad telephone contract than avoiding other ‘choices’.

  13. Bye says:

    I’ve had Working Assets (long distance) for several years and have been very happy with them. Any problems I’ve ever had have always been quickly resolved by a very friendly and knowledgeable person.

    Plus, NO long distance telemarketer has a scripted response to, “No thanks. I prefer to give my money to companies that support progressive causes.”

  14. pestie says:

    1) That marble chick is hot.
    2) People still pay for metered long distance? Seriously?

  15. ckolony says:

    What a great idea. I just signed up with a very friendly Working Assets customer service rep. I’ve been waiting for years to get out of my Sprint contract, and this is the perfect excuse. With all the complaining about people’s cell-phone carriers, I would think people here would be more supportive. Regardless.

    BTW–the service isn’t with Sprint, they are just using Sprint’s network. Which, for one thing, means that you won’t have to deal with Sprint’s satanic customer service. I’ve never had a problem with their coverage.

  16. Coronagold says:

    I think you really DID mean to say statute.

  17. SexCpotatoes says:

    Do the phones have wire coat-hanger antennas?

  18. mad_oak says:

    Isn’t the first trimester when you are constantly throwing up and wondering what the hell you have done?

  19. Working Assets is a *great* cell company, as I’ve said before. The statue is gorgeous too.

    And everyone making abortion jokes needs to go check their facts. For one thing, the same people dissing women who need an abortion for not getting birth control (assuming of course that they weren’t raped or something, right? because that would make you a 1st-class tool…) — are often forgetting that most insurance doesn’t cover birth control, and that shit ain’t cheap. Without planned parenthood, I never could have afforded it, not to mention they cover the costs of regular checkups and most medical treatments, many of which are also disallowed by insurance (assuming you have it, which I don’t). The fact that family planning is considered almost 100% a woman’s job and expense, and that women who can’t afford it or don’t know what to do are given nowhere to turn, isn’t being addressed by very many organizations out there; PP gets my absolute worhip for being on the ball with it. End soapbox. ;)

  20. pestie says:

    @ckolony: That’s been exactly my experience with Sprint, too. Their coverage is fine where I live and in every place I travel to regularly, but God and Baby Jesus help me if I have to call their customer “service” for anything.

  21. Qwest is on Sprint’s network as well, and I always have coverage, often when others don’t.

  22. structurepolo says:

    Planned Parenthood = Abortion = Murder….why would anyone want to support this?

  23. Angiol says:

    @structurepolo: Please get off of Consumerist. The purpose of this is to discuss issues like avoiding early termination fees, not advocate your ‘abortionists are babykillers and murderers’ agenda.

    Disclaimer: I’m pro-abortion.

  24. Em_J says:

    I stumbled upon this issue as I’ve been researching cell phone plans – I’ve been a holdout for a longtime, but it seems that life circumstances necessitate my entrance into the cell-phone universe. It’s important to me to make socially responsible choices, and I wanted to be sure that making such a costly and long-term investment as a cell phone plan with a monthly contract wouldn’t be directing my money into support of causes I feel are destructive. I was specifically aiming to stay away from companies that make corporate contributions to Planned Parenthood. I was about to go with Sprint (due to their 7pm start time for night minutes), actually, until I read about this affiliation. So, back to the drawing board! I’m gonna keep looking for an option more in line with my convictions. And this is from a single woman of reproductive age. No polemics – just putting my viewpoint out there.