Rogue Manager in Astoria Violates Blockbuster Corporate Policy

Remember our friend Morgan who was told he had to pay 10 bucks and sign up for Blockbuster Online in order to rent a movie? He called Blockbuster Corporate and they told him that was not Blockbuster policy.

The woman I spoke to said that Blockbuster’s corporate policy is that you should be able to sign up for just a membership, with no fee and no requirement to sign up for Blockbuster Online. She said that franchise stores have the choice to set their own policies, but that all corporate-owned stores should be following that rule. She also confirmed that my local store is corporate-owned, not a franchise, and should therefore be following the rules.

I then called my local store and spoke to the manager there. He confirmed that his store’s policy is to require Blockbuster Online signup. I told him that Blockbuster corporate policy was not to require Blockbuster Online signup, and he didn’t care. He said that “all the stores are doing it”. I reiterated that his policy was in violation of Blockbuster’s policy, and he refused to change his tune. Eventually I hung up in frustration.

Let it be known that as long as it is a corporate-owned Blockbuster, you don’t have to sign up with their online crap or pay a fee.

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