Dell Upgrades Computer By Installing Vastly Inferior Processor

Over at TGForumz, rdguerrero writes that Dell replaced his computer’s x6800 processor with an extreme edition 955. That sounds about 7.12 times worse.

My dell computer has been giving trouble form the day i got it. finally they replaced the motherboard and processor however instead of replacing my x6800 they gave me a pentium extreme edition 955. the guy from Dell says this is an upgrade i think he id trying to pass off something on me which chip is better.

His hunch is right. One comparison declares, “Even the X6800 Core 2 Extreme which is clocked at just 2.93GHz is able to kill the 955 Extreme Edition processor pretty much all of the time.” Rdguerrero, taking the sage of advice of forum members calling bs, had a nice little chat with Dell.

The service rep has informed me that he has started the Exchange process and i will be informed by e-mail of updates, but should take approximately 19 labor days for the system to arrive.

19 days? Oh, Dell. Is there anything you can’t bumble? — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

x6800 vs pentium extreme edition 955 [TGForumz] (Thanks to Andrew!)

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