Pier 1 Accepts A 8 Year Old Expired Gift Certificate

Reader Kelley writes in with a happy story about Pier 1:

I finally have some Consumerist worthy news: My mother purchased a $100 gift certificate in 1998 from Pier 1 Imports and gave it to my grandmother as a Christmas gift. We found it the other day, still in a desk drawer after 8 years. It said that it expired 1 year after purchase date, but my mom brought it to the store anyway and spoke with an employee. The employee said she would honor the gift certificate, but only if my mother spent it right then and there. So my mom got a basket and happily walked around the store, eventually deciding on a set of glassware. I would think that many stores are pretty rigid about their gift certificate policies, especially after reading about how much they profit from certificate sales when you were writing about that over Christmas. I think Pier 1 deserves a Consumerist pat on the back.

So patted, Kelley. Way to go, Pier 1. —MEGHANN MARCO
(Photo: cmorran123)