Seasonal Shopping: Skis, Chocolate, Winter Coats

Winter is ending and it’s the season to stock up on seasonal items that stores need to get rid of: Winter coats, seasonal candy, skis, snowboards, mittens, hats, boots, big inflatable heart-shaped lawn ornaments, you name it. Look for free shipping online and hit your local drug store for the candy.

Wise Bread suggests buying Valentine’s Day candy that can be used in Easter Baskets. Clever.—MEGHANN MARCO

Now is The Time to Buy: Skis, Winter Coats, Candy [Wise Bread]


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  1. KJam says:

    I know Paragon Sports is having a huge sale on winter coats and ski and snowboard gear. I found some great deals!

  2. Amry says:

    Good luck finding stores that are still selling winter coats. The best time to buy clearance winter apparel is late December/early January. Most stores clear it out quickly right after Christmas to make room for the Spring lines that come in way too early.

  3. Maulleigh says:

    I always buy next years’s christmas cards after new years but then I keep forgetting where I put them and have to buy anew. Then I find them. I’m a mess.

  4. VA_White says:


    I buy my cards this way, too. The secret to remembering where they are is to pack them away with your Christmas decorations. Mine go in the box with the outside lights so when hubby breaks the container out of the garage to hang the lights after Thanksgiving, my cards are in there for me, safe and sound and un-lost.

  5. poornotignorant says:

    In the middle of January I bought Christmas M&Ms for 87cents/14oz($1/lb). I’m looking for Valentines candy now.

  6. juri squared says:

    I was at Marshall Fie—er, Macy’s the day after Valentine’s day, and they had a big ol’ pile of Valentine-themed Frango chocolate for 50% off. Yum!