Clean Your House Like A Professional

A member of Curbly used to be a professional house-cleaner and you can benefit from her knowledge of advanced cleaning technique:

The mantra of the company I worked for was top to bottom, left to right. This way you could easily walk into any room and know exactly where to get started. The work was divided into”wet rooms” (bathrooms and kitchens) and “dry rooms” (living room, dining room, bedrooms). If we were lucky and weren’t understaffed, we’d go out with a partner and one person would do the “wet rooms” and the other person would do the “dry rooms”. One “wet room” and one “dry room” would be “deep cleaned” each cleaning.

She goes on to suggest cleaning strategies for both wet and dry rooms, as well as listing supplies you’ll need to make your pad sparkle.
It’s a really great post for people who feel overwhelmed when its time to start cleaning. We sometimes end up standing in the middle of the room wondering what the heck to do next. —MEGHANN MARCO

Clean Like A Maid [Curbly]
(Photo: Spirit635)

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