5 Cheap Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Procrastinators

Admit it, you’ve done nothing and planned nothing for Valentine’s Day. You have ignored our deals. You have ignored our reminders. Now you need something, anything, for that special someone. It’s ok. We’ve got ideas, you jerk.

1) Breakfast in Bed. This is thoughtful and cheap. You can even go to a fast food place and get his/her favorite fast food breakfast and serve it to her/him in bed with a bunch of flowers from the grocery store. It’s the thought that counts.

2) CD or iPod Playlist. Pick stuff you know your Valentine would like, but maybe don’t own or haven’t heard yet. Or maybe put together a playlist of songs that have meaning. Beware: Some people find this cheesy and annoying, particularly if you are one of those music nerd people who is always giving mixes to people. If your Valentine will also get a “Casimir Pulaski Day Mix,” choose another option.

3) Wine. You don’t have to spend a fortune for a good bottle. Buy some nice wine, make dinner and do the dishes.

4) Books. Buy your favorite book for your Valentine and write a nice sappy love message inside the cover.

5) Home Spa. Buy some spa stuff and create a spa in your own home. Bath salts, massage oil, flower petals, whatever. Light some candles, slap cucumbers on her/his eyes, whatever they do at spas. Listen to Enya. Ok, not that last part.

What are you ideas for cheap last minute gifts? Share them in the comments.—MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. Datarock says:

    Ok, Get some chocolate kisses, then some roses. Now have it so that you can set this up when your special person is away. Now from the main door put a row of kisses from the door leading into where your bathroom with a shower is. Have the kisses leading into the shower. Have the roses in the shower. Then explain how you have always wanted to cover your sweatheart with kisses and shower them with roses.

  2. kerry says:

    Last year my boyfriend and I went to the awesome-but-cheap mexican place around the corner for V-Day (we’re not really big supporters of that holiday, but any excuse to eat is fine by us) and he surprised me by picking up the cheapest, tackiest, most hilarious red velvet rose for $.99 from a street vendor. There was one of those velvet-coated plastic teddy bear toys hot glued to the stem of the rose, and paper heart on a ribbon saying “I Love You.” I cherish that rose, it brings nothing but happy memories.
    The best gifts are often the ones picked spontaneously, out of a “she would love this!” moment, and not necessarily the ones that are carefully planned out.

  3. faust1200 says:

    This just confirms my theory that all the cool girls are taken and all my ex’s are psycho.

  4. phrygian says:

    You can also whip up a batch of bath salts as a nice, inexpensive gift. I’ve used this (quick) recipe with good results:
    2 cups epsom salts
    1 cup sea salt
    1 tsp glycerin (optional)
    a few drops of aromatherapy oil or perfume
    a few drops of food coloring (– or you can use mica colorant if you want some shimmer) (optional)

    Mix the salts together. Add the glycerin and mix well. Add the scent and/or color and mix well. Store in an air-tight container. Canning jars work well (available at the grocery store), but really any good, sealable container will be fine.

    It’s cheap, quick and homemade — it’s the homemade bit that shows it’s from the heart. ;)

    (I tried to post this yesterday, but kept getting database errors.)

  5. Panhandler says:

    faust1200 – There’s an odd universal phenomenon that causes us to ALL feel that way.

    Jynnan Tonix all around….

  6. englishmajormoney says:

    Chocolate-covered strawberries.

    Melt chocolate. Dip strawberries. Let chocolate set. Feed to your sweetheart. Make out. Fade to black.