Trans-Fats Banned In Philadelphia

The Philadelphia City Council has unanimously passed a city ordinance banning trans-fats from most dishes served by restaurants:

Philadelphia’s ban on the use of such products begins to take effect on Sept. 1, when restaurateurs will no longer be permitted to fry foods in trans fats or serve trans fat-based spreads. By Sept. 1, 2008, trans fats will be banned in all other types of food prepared in Philadelphia eateries. The ban will not apply to pre-packaged foods – such as a Tastykake Krimpet – sold in city stores and eateries.

We’ve still not had a Tastykake, but we’ve heard good things. —MEGHANN MARCO

Trans fats banned in Philadelphia [Philadelphia Inquirer via CSPI]


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  1. rachmanut says:

    As someone who lived in Philly for four years, I can say from an outsider’s perspective that Tastykakes are overrated, and mostly liked, I’d imagine, for reasons of regional pride and nostalgia.

    The same cannot be said, however, for Philadelphia’s fine Pretzels, Amoroso Rolls, cheesesteaks, and Yuengling beer, all of which are rightly deserving in the unnatural amounts of praise heaped on them by the city’s denizens and apologists.

  2. DeeJayQueue says:

    TastyKakes are teh secks. Especially around the holidays when they come out with new flavors like Pumpkin Spice krimpets. Oh yes.
    Plus, Cheesesteaks on Amoroso rolls, Pretzels from that guy on the corner with the metal cart, Lorenzo’s pizza, Yuengling Lager (which if you’re in philly, all you have to say is “lager” to a bartender to get a tasty Yinger) and Utz chips. Philly is home to some of the best junk food in the country. Wastlines everywhere agree.

  3. lpranal says:

    There’s a buffalo wild wings in philly… maybe the whole chain will follow suit????
    (hey , a guy can dream)

  4. TheDTrain says:

    For me, I do a Wawa hoagie, Herrs chips and a Tastykake. Compare the Tastykakes to Little Debbie or Dolly Madison, and I don’t think it has anything to do with regional pride. There simply is no comparison to TK’s powerded donuts.

  5. royal72 says:

    well thank god they haven’t outlawed tastykakes… personally i’m surprised fatty food hasn’t been classified as a drug and been completely outlawed.

  6. not_seth_brundle says:

    Tastykakes are awesome. The chocolate cupkakes are the best–none of that lard filling like Hostess.

  7. SmoovyG says:

    Having grown up on the east coast and now transplanted to California, I can say that three of the things I miss the most are Dunkin’ Donuts, having a decent selection of beer at the liquor store (including Yuenglings) and Tastykake’s butterscotch krimpets.

  8. amb1545 says:

    NYC 2.0

    What ever happened to personal responsibility and choice?

    Maybe the Philadelphia politicians should focus more on the fact that it’s economy is dead instead of what I choose to put in my body.

  9. Citron says:

    Wait a second . . . I live there and I haven’t heard about this. Oh man, am I out of the loop.

  10. rebecca l says:

    i grew up in philly. whenever my parents come visit me (i live in the midwest now… yuck) they bring me wawa lemonade iced tea (sooooo good!) and a couple boxes of butterscotch krimpets. touch my krimpets and you lose a limb.

  11. suckonthat says:

    Ohmigod I am totally missing my Philly food now. You just can’t get good cheesesteaks or hoagies or soft pretzels anywhere else. I have a bit of an obsession with Wawa ice tea (and thanks to the airline bullshit I can’t bring them in my carryon any more) so when my parents or friends come to visit, I force them to bring me a couple of bottles and freeze them – though unfrozen I go through at least a half gallon a day.

    As for tastykakes, try any of the cream filled cupcakes or the candykakes.

  12. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    I can understand the health benefits (and who’s not for health?), but come on, there are still plenty of other things that will kill you that are perfectly legal. Is this society just going to legislate itself out of existence?

    Just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean it should crammed down your throat with a law.

  13. BotchedJoke says:

    How politicly correct. These people have no idea what freedom really is, what a shame. Philly is a crime ridden shithole beholden to thugs, unions, illegal aliens and other deomocrats. Maybe they should focus on getting jobs back in that city, oh thats right! No company in their right mind would do business in that anti-capitalism climate. I’m going to my local taco shop and loading up on tortas and rolled tacos…..

  14. contender? says:

    I lived in Philly for three years, and I think it is highly underrated as a city. Tastykakes baffle me…I don’t remember anything good about them. Or the Eagles.

    Cheesesteaks are not the same in San Diego.