VIDEO: Counterfeit Glasses Dealer Attacks Reporter And Throws Snowballs

An optician selling counterfeit and shoddy designer frames slammed a door into the face of a reporter, dared him to fisticuffs, and threw snowballs at a camera crew taping the whole thing. Video above.

First Adam Plimer opens the door really quickly, hitting 75-year-old investigative reporter Peter Silverman in the head. Plimer screams, “Oh, I’m sorry, did I hit you?” Silverman puts his dukes up. Plimer dares Silverman to hit him in the face and shouts, “Go on, get the fuck out of here, I’m sick of you.” Seeing Plimer’s violence, Silverman tries to keep him in the store. Plimer breaks out and throws snowballs at the camera crew and a TCC inspector, yelling, “Get the fuck out of here.” The cops arrive. Plimer opens the door to shout the same obscenities at them. Then a sort of Canadian SWAT team arrives in riot gear. Eventually, they arrest Plimer.

Nothing like seeing a slimeball preying on consumers get taken down hard. — BEN POPKEN

The Glasses Conundrum
The Optician: Part III
Silverman Helps: The Optician & The Glasses, Part IV (Thanks to Cathy!)


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  1. lore says:

    NO WAY! This video is priceless. I love how he’s dragged away in cuffs towards the end of the video. This reporter is quite the fighter – did you see how he threw his fists up when he was challenged?

  2. cudthecrud says:

    For selling counterfeit frames? Was the consumer informed that they were fakes? I’d buy cheap fakes, glasses are expensive.

  3. billybastion says:

    The most embarrassing part for him has to be the fact that he throws like a girl.

  4. homerjay says:

    Well, the fact that he throws like a girl AND his voice cracks when he’s got his panties all bunched up.

  5. cudthecrud says:

    after watching some of the other videos I realize that guy is an incredible asshat.

  6. madderhatter says:

    Those darn Canadians.

  7. Tim Matheson says:

    What a lamer.

  8. grant0 says:

    Okay, a few things are totally wrong here.

    For one thing, this happened in my city, TORONTO. Not TORORNTO as the tag states. The inspector works for the TTC, not the TCC. The TTC is the Toronto Transit Commission (the bus/subway/streetcar folks). See

    Might want to make those corrections! The video is from CityTV by the way. Peter Silverman is sort of like one of those “Four On Your Side” consumer-activist type people, but there’s just one of him. City is playing it at 6:00 Toronto time! That’s like right now! Run, guys! Also, the fight has been brewing for months. This Plimer guy is a FREQUENT guest on the show. He actually phoned earlier to apologize for past fights, and when they went to talk, he EXPLODED IN FURY which is the video you posted.… has more info! Yay!

  9. Stepehn Colbert says:

    please, everyone, dont fight angry Canadians, they just become very high-pitched, and lose. Would you fight a big drunk baby? Ponder this question for a while. Canadians need hugs, not slugs.

  10. pestie says:

    grant0: Sure, you spell it “Toronto,” but you say it like “Tronno.” I’m onto you Canadians (no, really – my girlfriend’s Canadian and I’m on her as often as possible).

    homerjay: I think he has sand in his vagina, too.

  11. hildeaux says:


  12. AcilletaM says:

    This was real? I thought it was a Kids in the Hall clip.

  13. valet_of_the_dolls says:

    The only problem with your theory, Nero, is that everyone in that clip is Canadian.