Undocumented Workers Offered Special Savings Accounts With Arizona Credit Union

From the Arizona Republic:

A restaurant chain with a store in Mesa offers to accept Mexican pesos for pizza and receives threats at its Texas headquarters.The state’s largest credit union is bracing for similar fallout as it begins marketing savings accounts to undocumented immigrants.

Officials at Desert Schools Credit Union say the potential reward – thousands of new customers – justifies the risk of angering a few customers. Ignoring the state’s fastest-growing population could be the equivalent of corporate suicide, one business expert said.

The credit union is prepared for the backlash, but confident in what they are trying to do. “We’re not in the business of asking people what their immigration status is. We’re in the business of providing financial services to individuals,” A representative for the credit union said.

“Fundamentally, I don’t see anything negative that might be associated with what the credit union is trying to do, if people have a broader context about what the alternatives are for this segment of the population.”—MEGHANN MARCO

Credit union defends accounts for undocumented [AZ Central]