Walmart Nazi Tshirt Watch: Week 11

11 weeks after t-shirts bearing Nazi insignia were discovered in Walmart, the retailer has yet to remove them from all their stores, despite initial promises to do so within days.

We particularly enjoyed one entry by Thaddeus’. The plopped shirts arranged in triptych grant the scene the air of roguish insouciance we’ve come to know and love Walmart for. Well played.

As for the rest of you, please, step back from the shirts a bit when you take the pictures. Let’s get some WIDE shots. You don’t need to press the lens right up against the fabric. Trust us, it will look cooler.

This week’s carnival of indifference, inside.

Recent updates to this story.

Rob in Hobbs, NM writes on 1/27/07:

Found myself at Wal-Mart today, a rare enough occurrence, and came face-to-face with the bugger turning a corner!



Thaddeus in Naperville, IL writes on 1/27/07:

I was out at one of our local WalMarts with my brother. Knowing about the shirt, we decided to see if they had any. They did. As with previous individuals, we went to the self checkout. A “See Cashier for Assistance” came up on the screen.

The cashier was able to override the register, ringing it up as TSHIRTTT, and we were able to buy the shirt. They had at least five others.

Just for the record the only reason I bought it was because of all the hoop-la. Normally I have no use for a t-shirt, especially one with something on it, but I just had to buy this one just because I’m not supposed to be able to.




Fred in Jacksonville, FL writes on 1/28/07:

I wasn’t planning on purchasing it but I took it to the counter anyway to see if it would ring up. Got the do not sell error, the lady just looked at me and said, “You can’t buy it.” I told her I was just checking and walked out. I was so surprised to find the shirt I forgot why I went in the store in the first place.

And now Virgin Megastore is getting in on the act. Kevin sent this on January 30th, spotted in Virgin Megastore in San Francisco, CA.



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