I Was A Cybercrook For The FBI

Parts 2 and 3 of the Dave Thomas Cybercrook story are up on Wired. The excellent report by Kim Zeter, two years in the making, offers a fascinating insight into the world of identity thieves, credit card scammers, phishers and all sorts of electronic fraud. Follow along as Dave transitions from petty thief, to cyber-crime master under the name “”El Mariachi” and with a James Cagney online avatar, to informant on the noose for the feds.

Part 1: I Was a Cybercrook for the FBI
Part 2: Tightening the Net on Cybercrime
Part 3: The Boards Come Crashing Down

We first heard about this report back in July and are extremely excited that Wired has finally released it.

Also, Dave has agreed to an interview with The Consumerist. We want to ask him what consumers can do to protect themselves, what banks are doing that actually exacerbates the problem of identity theft, and how targets get picked. We also want to know what he knows about the doings behind The Russian Connection series after OfficeMax was compromised.

What questions would you like to ask? — BEN POPKEN

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