Sony BMG Settles FTC Charges; Customers to Get $150

From Business Week:

U.S. regulators said Tuesday Sony BMG Music Entertainment agreed to reimburse consumers up to $150 for damage to their computers for selling CDs with hidden anti-piracy software.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, which announced the settlement with the big media company, its anti-piracy software limited the devices on which music could be played to those made by Sony Corp. or Microsoft Corp. It also restricted the number of copies that could be made and monitored consumers’ listening habits to send them marketing messages.

Bad Sony! You’ve got until the end of June to exchange any affected CDs purchased before Dec. 31, 2006, and are eligible for for up to $150 to repair damaged caused by the program. Information will be available on Sony’s website per the settlement. —MEGHANN MARCO

Sony BMG Settles FTC Charges [Business Week] [Photo: SevensHeaven]


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  1. Keter says:

    Incidentally, that same “copy protection” doesn’t just limit the media to Sony and Microsoft…it also limits it to newer Sony equipment. I have a first generation Sony Walkman CD player which I love (way better quality than anything out there now!) that won’t play the copy protected stuff. I have had to strip and reburn many of my legally purchased CDs onto new media to be able to play them without using my computer.

    Contrary to common wisdom, I have had luck returning CDs that I couldn’t get the copy protection off of…I just take my player in with me along with an older CD that plays fine and give a demo…see, the player works but the new CD doesn’t! ;o)

  2. theckhd says:

    The claim form is already avaialable online. You can get it here:

    It claims at the bottom that the maximum reimbursement for damage that you can receive without a receipt is $25. Still well worth the postage.

  3. synergy says:

    Isn’t this what iTunes does?