Bears Player Reneges On Super Bowl Tickets; Prompts Discussion of Contract Law

Bears safety Chris Harris promised Super Bowl tickets to a guy with a cable access TV show during an interview. “If we win,” Harris said, “he’s going.” Turns out, the 33 year old cable access guy is, in fact, not going. Harris only gets 10 tickets and he’s giving them to his family.

But did he enter into a contract? Nope. Just promising to give someone something isn’t enough. Fox’s contract expert explains, “I can’t just hold up my diamond ring and say ‘I’m giving you my diamond ring.” I’ve got to give something in exchange and its got to have value.” Lucky for Chris Harris. Fox Chicago tells us that since the interview, a local ticket broker has stepped up and is taking the cable access guy to the game, for free. We love a happy ending. Incidentally, we will be returning to Chicago for the game (not Miami, sadly, we guess we should have been a cable access TV host instead of a blogger.) Go Bears! —MEGHANN MARCO

Broken Promise Ruins Super Bowl Dream
[Fox Chicago]

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