Do PayDay Loan Centers Target Minorities?

Do payday loan centers target minorities? If there’s any doubt in your mind, consider an instructional course offered by the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA,) a payday loan trade group. The couse is titled, “Building Community Support: Strategies for Business Survival.”

One of the summary bullets points says the course advises students on, “how to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with minority organizations.”

We’d watch it, but at $125, the price is a little steep. Maybe we’ll take out a payday loan to cover it. — BEN POPKEN

CFSA [Official Site]


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  1. thrillhouse says:

    You don’t have to look hard to know who they target. Look at their locations. They are always in the low income neighborhoods and outside of military bases.

    But then this? Just disgusting.

  2. bndocksnt says:

    At first I said: “C’mon Consumerist, pony up the big bucks, I’m looking forward to a summary of this “webinar.” Then I read this, from the website: “This educational event is open only to payday advance companies. CFSA reserves the right to decline registration to companies or individuals upon its discretion.” They’re on to you!

  3. x23 says:

    they target whoever is poor and the least adept at properly managing their finances.

    that may or may not be a “minority group” in depending on location.

    most of them here in Alaska seem to be focused towards crackers. and where i live it is only a bit over 66% white. far more diverse than many many many places… yet all the ads i have seen focus on 100% on hillbilly tundratrash.

  4. Cap'n Jack says:

    I have to agree that all payday loan centers target whomever is poor, regardless of color. The sad fact is that in most cities, many of the poor are minorities.

    However, the bulletpoint does highlight a rather shady practice of loan sharks approaching community groups as wolves in sheeps’ clothing. I am skeptical how a “mutually beneficial partnership” can exist between a loan shark and a debtor.

  5. BMR says:

    this is just another example of a predatory business acting with no regard or care for anything but it’s bottom line.
    much like the car title loan outfits that have been advertising on TV in the Boston area, they are out to hurt, not help.

  6. Its obvious that these lenders target the weaker part of society especially low income group and people with bad credit history. But i think that there is nothing bad in it as the people of this society generally depend upon churches for their cash needs. If these lenders are ready to provide them instant cash then i think it is a good news for these people.

  7. Senator Bob Corker is for Hire - Cheap! says:

    This is very, very disgusting and disturbing. Read Gary Rivlin’s Portrait of a Subprime Lender:

    His article truly highlights one payday lender’s attitude towards minorities, W. Allan Jones of Check Into Cash and Jones Management.

    What a bunch of predators. “Mutually beneficial partnership” my as@.